Everything Is Better With a Little Bit of Sex by Jen (Red Hot Books)

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Everything Is Better With a Little Bit of Sex

I have often heard other readers complain about too much romance in books outside of the romance genre. Like in Urban Fantasy, mysteries, or whatever. I don’t get it. The romance in the story is what makes me connect to it. The attraction, the uncertainty, and then those tentative steps towards a connection reel me in. They make me invest in the bigger picture of the story, and I’ll tell you why.

We’ve all felt those feelings. The desire, for instance. If the author is good, sometimes I can feel the butterflies in my own stomach. I can feel the tightening in my chest. No matter what else is going on in the book –no matter how outside the realm of my experience—I can take that commonality and feel what the character is feeling. I may never wield a sword, slay a demon, or kick anybody’s ass, but I know what falling in love is like.

We’ve all had that first kiss with a new love interest. We’ve all felt sexual tension and had it gratified. We’ve all ridden the roller coaster of emotion brought on by a new relationship. And, again, if the author does a good job, she can rekindle that in us. Bring back those feelings that are so amazing and overwhelming in the unknown touch of a new lover; the joy of finally knowing your affection is returned. It’s good stuff we can relive through our heroine.

And the sex. Everything is better with a little bit of sex, isn’t it? Some things are even better with a whole lotta sex. (*eyebrows waggle*) Though in all seriousness, I do agree that is such a thing as too much. For me, that point comes when the scenes are no longer adding anything to the story. Just like there can be unnecessary dialogue or too much exposition, there can be too much sex. But a well placed sex scene can change the dynamic of a relationship between characters. It can change the characters themselves. It can make me fan myself in a public place.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good kick-ass heroine. I do. But I like her even better when we see her softer side in contrast. When we see she is just like we are in some ways. She can be vulnerable. She can fall in love. And we can live vicariously through her when she nails the hot guy. AmIrite?

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11 responses to “Everything Is Better With a Little Bit of Sex by Jen (Red Hot Books)

  1. YES on everything you said! 🙂

    Love totally raises the stakes and yet also makes them completely personal, even if the stomp is about the fate of the world. The heart-pounding moments are made totally worth it because of the touching, loving moments and the risk that those could be lost forever.

  2. I agree!! I love romance and how you can connect with the characters feelings if it’s especially well done!

  3. Lol, great post, thank you. But I still enjoy books without much romance or without sex scenes as well. I still love my Barbara Cartland books for instance.

  4. Julie

    I totally agree with you Jen! I Love kick ass chicks but they are almost even more ‘human’ if there is a relationship or chemistry or anything like that included in the story. It heightens the character. Great post Jen. 🙂