Question: Are you an adventurous reader?

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Heck no! LOL I used to be before I started blogging but now if it doesn’t have werewolves in it or at the very least something supernatural, then I won’t read it. Luckily for me, paranormal has a lot of sub-genres like Ubrban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult and Steampunk, so I still get a decent amount of variety in my reading without having to stray very far.

I read books because I enjoy it so why would I force myself to read something that doesn’t pique my interest? I’m not in school; I read purely to escape reality and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m sure there are plenty of other fabulous novels out there that are worthwhile reads but my to-be-read pile is already large enough thank you very much!

From time to time I do throw in the occasional Erotica novel because well… to be blunt, they are good for my sex life! And I will pick-up the occasional bestseller from authors like Dan Brown or Diana Gabaldon but I don’t typically review those ones on the blog. So again, to reiterate, no I am not a very adventurous reader and I’m ok with that! 😀

How adventurous are YOU in your reading?

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15 responses to “Question: Are you an adventurous reader?

  1. I stay in the realm of UF and PNR in most cases. I do erotica as well. Mostly, if I stem out from any of these it is because it is an author I like. For example, Kelley Armstrong has a suspense trilogy that I enjoy. The first book is Exit Strategy, the final book comes out later this year. I’ve also read a few of Shiloh Walker’s contemporary romance. I got started on her FBI physics series and fell in love with her. I will say that I can find a pretty wide range of stories within UF and PNR, so I’ll stick to that for now.

  2. I guess you could say I’ve started to wonder into different genres now, but before I would not read anything unless it was in the supernaturual or paranormal area. I think b/c I have a mix of friends who read different genre and if I get a recommendation and quotes and reviews are good I”ll give it a try. I’ve read lots of different genres I had never though I would ever read. =)

  3. +JMJ+

    I don’t know if “adventurous” is the right word, but I want my reading to be as diverse as possible so that I don’t pigeonhole myself. A few years ago, one of the busiest bloggers I knew admitted that she had read nothing for the past three years but the genre she was associated with. Even if she was interested in a book from another genre, she would give it a pass because she wouldn’t be able to blog about it. I respected her decision, but I didn’t want it for myself. So now I make it a point to change things up every two months or so, sometimes as dramatically as possible.

    But yes, this can cost me readers. The commenters who came back again and again when I was blogging my way through Stephen King were nowhere to be found when I started writing about Laura Ingalls Wilder. And the new followers who seemed to like the Wilder books unfollowed when I switched to Pope Benedict XVI. After that, I read Robert A. Heinlein. Looking at it from the blogging perspective alone, it’s as if I spend a month or more building up a good foundation for attracting a target readership, only to raze it to the ground in the end.

    • I don’t review every book I read so if I come across something that’s outside of my usual genre I won’t automatically pass on it. I can’t believe you jump around like that! Hehe your poor blog followers! 😉

  4. I do read several different genres, but depends on my mood. Lately here’s few YA catching my eye, but I do love erotica and romance novels. Paranormal depends on the series or the author, because there’s way to many of them around.

  5. I usually stay in the PNR and UF genres, but after a while I need a break and branch out. I have a few stand-by contemporary, historical romance, and thriller series that are my go-to. I’ve even done a few reviews on them and while they might not get as much notice as my usual, I have had a few where someone gives them a try.

    • There’s nothing wrong with posting the odd review that’s outside of your typical genres. It helps keep things fresh and you’re right, someone else might be interested too.

  6. I tend to stay mostly in UF and PNR and sometimes dystopian or erotica (they’re good for my sex life too lol!) but about once or twice a year I find something that perks my interest that is way outside of my favorite genres and I’ll check it out. But mostly, I guess I’m not a very adventurous reader.

  7. Not really. I stay in the paranormal romance, but I’ve strayed a lot more since I started blogging. I’m reading more and more YA books and even contemporary romance. It’s funny because I started reading romance because of Nora Roberts’ books, but now I rarely read any contemporary lol

  8. Blogging made me adventurous. Like you I used to stick to bestselling authors because they’re safe but mostly I used to read a lot of Women’s Fiction, Chick-Lit and some YA. Blogging introduced me a slew of other genre and I’m so happy to be reading out of my “comfort zone” now.

    LOL on your erotica comment.

    P.S. Sorry been MIA, when Google Reader went away I got too overwhelmed with the number of blogs I followed. Just rebuilding my subscriptions now. Happy to say I’m a new email subscriber!

    Happy weekend!

  9. I do think that I’m an “adventurous” reader. I like a variety of genres and I’m willing to try a book outside of my typical genres if it sounds interesting. In fact, I just started The Returned by Jason Mott which is not my usual kind of read, but the premise sounded too good to pass up. I just hope I end up liking it!

    I use to not read much YA, but now it’s one of my favorites! I think branching out gives you a chance to fall in love with a new genre that you may not have considered before. It’s rare for me to write off a book based simply on genre. Sure there are some that I don’t think I’d enjoy like Christian Fiction or Murder Mysteries. I may try them in the future, but like you said, I don’t want to force myself to read something.