Josh Reviews: Touch of the Demon by Diana Rowland

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Josh Reviews: Touch of the Demon by Diana Rowland
Touch of the Demon by Diana Rowland
Series: Kara Gillian #5
Published on: December 31st, 2012
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 448
Format: Paperback
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Kara Gillian is in some seriously deep trouble.

She’s used to summoning supernatural creatures from the demon realm to our world, but now the tables have been turned and she’s the one who’s been summoned. Kara is the prisoner of yet another demonic lord, but she quickly discovers that she’s far more than a mere hostage.

Touch of the Demon confronts the demon question in a predictable but nonetheless fully-fleshed manner:  “Of course, demons do not have any ingrained evil.   Of course, they are cultural aesthetes that given the say in the matter can perform reprehensible deeds but there are some good apples and for just this reason one cannot write off every Mzatal, Gestamar, Rhyzkahl, Illana, or Seretis at first meeting.”

It appears the one sure thing about these demons is their names are a mouthful and would give kids nightmares at spelling bees.   But enough about the demonic culture, which is in full swing, perhaps I would go so far as to say even god mode in this book.   Allow me to explain before I transition into the characterization of the protagonist.

Everything from landscape to clothing to language to politics has a distinct otherworldly tinge, which makes me in no way regret the lapsing of plot to describe these matters.   Everything is rich in a way that only a whole other world could be.   Who would have thought that the richest of the rich would live off world?   This makes too much sense.

Moving on to Kara Gillian, our detective without a clue, I found her a great tour guide, her emotions hardly interfering with what was the main draw for me, the alternative culture.   Of course, her curiosity helped a lot and her thorough alienation from the demon lords’ orchestrations.   Of course, she does pass the crucial paranormal romance morality test, the putting her friends before herself, with flying colors but seriously which paranormal romance protagonist does not?

If anything, the cover design could have used some jazzing up.   I look forward to starting this series traditionally from the start but, in this case, am somewhat worried that, since the other books take place little, at all, in the demon plane, will be let down.

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