Question: How Do You Read Italics?

Posted May 15, 2013 by Carmel in Question / 5 Comments

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I never really thought about this before so when Julie sent me this week’s question I honestly didn’t know what to answer. So I did a bit of research by paying special attention to all of the italic words I read. I’m sure this has happened to you before, when you try to focus too hard on one of your habits and you end up not acting natural which defeats the purpose. I found myself reading italics in all sorts of creative ways but none of them were actually my way. I read a book and a half this past weekend so eventually I stopped paying attending and that’s when I noticed… I stare at an italic word for longer than regular words. Like the longer I look at it, the more emphasis the word will have. Do that sound as weird as I think it does? It made sense in my head but now that I’ve typed it up into a post I’m not so sure…

How Do You Read Italics?

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5 responses to “Question: How Do You Read Italics?

  1. I’ve seen them used to mean a few of different ways including emphasis on a specific word or thought, they are characters thoughts, to show an animal (or character who can’t speak) speaking, or the word is a name/title usually in a different language (I mostly see that used for Gaelic). I’ve gotten to be pretty adaptable about how I read them with how the author is using them.

  2. It depends on the word and how it’s being used. Usually with more emotion. Like in the heat of the moment and the MC is thinking or saying something like “damn” or “sh*t” its because they know they are really screwed. LOL