Question: Are You Cooler Online?

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I’d like to think that I am for the simple fact that it’s easier to think before you speak online. What I mean by this (and I’m sure you’ve all had these moments) is that often times when I’m having a conversation in real life with someone I’ll think of a brilliant comeback to a comment they made hours after the fact. And I can’t help but think about how clever I would have sounded had I been able to deliver my witty one-liner at the time. Online, you have that niffy backspace key so no one ever has to know about that stupid thing you were going to say while as face-to-face, once you’ve put your foot in your mouth you can’t take it back. Also, it’s expected that there’s a delay between responses on social media platforms like Twitter but in RL people may think you’re slow if it takes you more than a few second to respond so you don’t have as much time to come up with funny rebuttals.

More often than not, I draw a complete blank during social interactions and end up looking like a deer caught in headlights. When I do manage to spit something out, I tend to give one word answers much to my fiancรฉ’s chagrin. Needless to say, my dinner conversational skills are severely lacking. Yes, I’m that annoying person who responds “Nothing” when asked “What’s new?” or “Yes” to “Do you like…?” I’d much rather work on a project with someone than sit down to a cup of coffee. Weird, I know. I’d take embarrassing myself wakeboarding over girl talk any day. At least with the former you can chat about the experience you shared and have a good laugh or two. It’s hard to sweat the small stuff when you’re busy making a fool of yourself.

The bloggers I met at RT all said that in person I’m exactly like I am online except I say “Eh” way more often which was a huge relief. I was a little worried about how I’d handle five days of mingling at the convention but once it clicked that every single person there LOVES books as much as I do, it was easy. Common interests goes a long way into taking the awkwardness out of conversations with strangers. That being said, maybe they all lied to me to be nice. I’m sure I’ll find out their true thoughts once comments on this post start to trickle in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are You Cooler Online?

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14 responses to “Question: Are You Cooler Online?

  1. lol! Yes! Recently I was on a web radio show to promote the June book club pic. The show has a very humorous tone and I was asked because the host thought I was funny based on online conversations and my blog. I was such a dork! Gave short answers and nervous laughing. So embarrassing!

    The radio show does a monthly book club read for listeners and they have never done a romance and were curious since it is the largest genre. Katie and I picked Half Way to the Grave. We figured it would have more mass appeal to men and women and it would be a good way to ease into a romance . Then there is Chapter 32 and that should stir the pot some!

    • It’s one thing being funny on your own but when the pressure is on and you’re “expected” to deliver, it’s another story entirely! Good for you for giving radio a try; I don’t know if I’d be able to!

  2. I know my online personality is more out there than my real life. In real life I’m a lot more shy (although I was an online lurker there for a while too LOL). I tend to do a lot more listening while in groups of people. I can buck up and put myself out there, but I’m never comfortable with it unless I really know the people I’m with. Online I can be a lot more witty because I’ve had some time to think of the just the right thing…I’m not an off-the-cuff kind of girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Haha! I like to think I am as well! I admit I do think of witty comebacks as well. And connect more to some people online. Such a shame their in a different state or country.

  4. I think you answered this perfectly. You are very much like you are online in real life. But I know what you mean about those damn witty come backs. I sit here and think of all the stuff I should have said to some authors (Ilona and Gordon especially) lol

    When we met I really tried not to be shy and just be me. So I hope I came across like I do online in real life.

    P.S I miss you guys still!

  5. You’re just as cool in person as online…..take that as you well ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But I was disappointed that you didn’t have a French accent. LOL

    And I’ll match your eh and raise you a y’all.

  6. booksavvybabe

    I think we are all cooler online, in part because of the commenting, there is time to think before you comment (given, some people should really use that time better.. but, I digress). I think part of the online “coolness” is simply because online, we are part of a group of people who share the same interests. We love books, and we can all be found in one place…online. When we geek out over books or authors online, that just makes us cooler,LOL.

  7. I know I’m much braver online… or at least appear to be. People can’t see me sweating what I’ve said when I’m hiding behind my screen.