Josh Reviews: Vengeance Moon by Lee Roland

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Josh Reviews: Vengeance Moon by Lee Roland
Vengeance Moon by Lee Roland
Series: Earth Witches #2
Published by Signet
Published on: June 5th, 2012
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 327
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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Madeline Corso has destroyed two of the three assailants who killed her witch mother. Now she's biding her time with the Sisters of Justice--an order of female warriors affiliated with the Earth Mother.

Vengeance Moon by broad strokes paints characters and a town black, white, then grey.   The grand message seems to be that any happiness to be found will be found in darkness.   Three men killed Madeline’s parents.   Her father was only a restaurant owner while her mother was an Earth witch in possession of a very powerful talisman known as the Portal.

The naming of this powerful item and the phrasing of the Sister of Justice’s mantras have this trait in common: INSERT EMPTY WORDS HERE.   Where some might suspect an ancient order of women who kill under the order of a Goddess to have a couple of poets born to them to add some color to their chants like “control evades one like the moon; any attempt to climb its beams takes one on a detour to the Sun” instead we have “fear is a gift, a precious thing that keeps me alive; fear is a weapon to manipulate and control; fear is the enemy; I will not be conquered by fear”, which admittedly gets the point across and looks quite good when spruced up in italics.

The plot churns at an equally undecorated pace.   Yes, in the first few pages you will find a map of the town where all the action takes place but no, you will very rarely, if ever, feel the need to consult it.   The Barrows equals the bad part of town where prostitutes pace the streets and ruins, from some horrible event, fall in on themselves.   With all this said, the color so thickly thrown on where it is, the special effects and creature design/variety keep the pages turning.   As a love story, it may be composed of toothpicks, but as a future SyFy Saturday night special it succeeds.

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2 responses to “Josh Reviews: Vengeance Moon by Lee Roland

  1. xaurianx  

    Well, at least the covers are pretty, and I just have a thing for books with witches. So it will be on my wishlist with the others 😉

    • Well, definitely start with the first book, unlike I did. That one actually has a witch as its protagonist. The protagonist here is like an assasiny witch, the combat no-magic shock troopers of the witch world. The first book’s protagonist can also communicate with animals and that’s awesome.