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Two of the first authors I met shortly after arriving at RT were Amanda Carlson and Kristen Callihan. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t recognize Kristen right off the bat, it was the pink hair that threw me! What’s even worse, later on I found out that she was actually on the same plane as me! Urg. I’m still kicking myself over that one. It was great chatting with these two at Club RT. I loved the informal setting, plus entering to win a bunch of gift baskets didn’t hurt either!

Amanda Carlson me and Kristen Callihan
Amanda Carlson, me and Kristen Callihan

I also hooked up with Canadian author, Cat Kalen, at club RT. I’ve been dying to meet a fellow canuck who’s just as obsessed with werewolves as I am and I think I found her! She and her romance writer friends tried to lure me to their hotel room with promises of alcohol and cover models. Unfortunately for her, the call of free books was stronger but it was still great meeting her!

Me and Cat Kalen
Me and Cat Kalen (a.k.a Cathryn Fox)

After a few bouts of Twitter tag and a plea from my friend Julie (Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks) to give Sierra Dean a hug for her; I finally tracked her down in the hotel lobby. Turns out we’d both skipped out of the Formal Ball early. You may be able to get us to wear a dress and make-up but you can’t force us to listen to hours of boring speeches! Sierra also made sure to add her two cents to the moose convo I had on twitter with Jennifer (The Book Nympho). For the record, the plural of moose is NOT meeses!

Me and Sierra Dean
Me and Sierra Dean

Meeting Molly Harper was probably one of the highlights of my trip. Not only was I shocked by how freaking tall she is but I was flattered that she was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet her. I couldn’t get over the amount of times authors recognized my blog name but when they took it a step further and hugged me, like Molly did, I felt like a mini-celebrity!

Me Molly Harper and Jennifer
Me, Molly Harper and Jennifer

Out of all the authors I met at RT, I ran into Jennifer Estep the most. Even though it was unintentional (well most of the time anyway!) after a while I couldn’t help but feel a little bit like a stalker! She was great though! Any author willing to get up at 8 AM to meet a group of crazy, fan girl bloggers for coffee is one brave cookie.

Bloggers with Jennifer Estep
Amber, Jenn, Jennifer Estep, me and Jennifer

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8 responses to “Author Stalking at RT

  1. booksavvybabe

    cheers for author stalking! I think that authors and bloggers need to walk around with our names tattooed on our heads for the cons so we all recognize each other. I’m really bad about matching avatars/online pictures to the person. Really Bad. Especially when there are such big crowds like there were at RT. Those name badges are just too hard to read… Book Savvy Babe