Josh Reviews: Bloodlust by Michelle Rowen

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Josh Reviews: Bloodlust by Michelle Rowen
Bloodlust by Michelle Rowen
Series: Nightshade #2
Published by Berkley
Published on: July 5th, 2011
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 283
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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Jillian Conrad's blood has killed the vampire king.   Now an enemy to all vampires, she is targeted for elimination.   So is the infant daughter of the dead king.   If Jillian doesn't stand in the way of her death, then everyone, living or dead, is in great peril.

Bloodlust may have a shot at Most Vulnerable Protagonists Before the Plot even gets Underway.   The triangle of Matthias, Declan, and Jillian is poisoned.   Each one of them makes it clear to the other that they have anywhere from a couple of days to a pair of weeks to live.   It is with this high volume of danger and brisk pacing (everything takes place within three days or so) that the pages fly.   The twists, mainly of an emotional nature since the triangle is already so close to death’s door, keep coming in an enjoyable back pressed against the wall fashion.

I am torn, however, as the resolution so neatly empties out the canister of poison.   Surely I cannot be revenging myself on the plot just because it didn’t leave noticeable room for another sequel?   I am not so naive as to think the author could not find room if she wanted it, but it does appear as the epilogue readies the candy-coated banners and birthday celebrations that the next book would have to take place either much later in these characters’ lives or certainly at a greater remove from these proceedings.

The characterizations are on point.   How can they not be when we are so brilliantly set to pace this triangle’s perimeter? Declan seems more emotionally stunted than ever.   Jillian keeps reminding us of how she tried to cut her wrist five years ago (at least three times in fifty pages).   Everyone who ever knew the vampire kings describes them as power hungry, but, at least, Matthias is a little less ravenous than his brother, Kristoff, who sees everyone he ever employed as a machination in his ongoing experiment.   Will you come to like any of these characters?   Perhaps, Noah, as the comic relief kid.   Jillian may be living Jack Bauer’s 24 lifestyle but her consistent inability to actually bring about something may frustrate many.

I didn’t mention how much I preferred the original’s cover to this cheese.   See the guy with the eye-patch in the back?   Yeahhhhh, great idea.

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    Lol now i still have no idea what the book is about. I also haven’t read the books you compare it to, so for now, not making the wishlist.