Question: What Are Some Of Your Favorite Character Names?

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I had to really focus on the names of characters rather than on their personalities in order to answer this question because after awhile the two start to blur together. I have a thing for unique names so don’t expect to find any Linda’s, Jennifer’s or Lisa’s on this list (sorry ladies).

I liked Charley Davidson from the get-go because I immediately expected there to be a ton of puns in Darynda Jones’ books that revolved around her main character and the fact that I have a similarly easy name to make fun of I sympathized with her plight. I’m also a fan of Arcadia Bell from Jenn Bennett’s series because it fits her magician roots but still manages to be original without being corny. Gin Blanco is another one of my favs because she named herself after booze; how cool is that!? LOL Those are the three that jumped out at me when the time came to type up this post but I’m sure there are plenty of others…

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Character Names?

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