Review: Healer’s Choice by Jory Strong

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Review: Healer’s Choice by Jory Strong
Healer’s Choice by Jory Strong
Series: Ghostland World #3
Published by Berkley
Published on: September 7, 2010
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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Born into a world of violence and paid-for sex, Rebekka longs for a family of her own and dreams of freeing those trapped in the shapeshifter brothels of the red zone. A witch’s prophecy claims she’ll one day use her gift to heal the Weres made outcast by their mixed human-animal forms.

But Rebekka knows that everything comes at a cost. A plea to save five children sends her into the arms of Aryck, a Jaguar enforcer-and into territory controlled by pure Weres. It’s a place where humans and outcasts aren’t welcomed, where plague threatens and the fate of the Weres hangs in the balance. And where the choices Rebekka and Aryck make are paid for with their hearts…if not their souls.

Healer’s Choice may have the blandest title of its kin, and it might have the most incomprehensible beginning, but as a companion piece, like a twin sister retaining all the general characteristics that you liked so much about the other one but refining not only the general characteristics that one likes but also talents that one previously speculated were latent, a finale to the plot set forth in Spider-Touched it excels.

You are probably wondering what qualities get dragged to the surface in this book.   If the cover were not enough clue (or, for that matter, the blurb), we are invited to experience the Were-worlds that Jory Strong only previously hinted at existing in her post-apocalyptic complexathon, sometimes, and only rarely sexathon.  The coital aspects seem afterthoughts when compared to such interesting communities as the Werelions and Werepanthers.  Even the Werewolves evince a different way of setting up buildings and the community that makes each invitation into these other worlds (as if the general post-apocalyptic Oakland weren’t already other enough for you) a pleasure.

The characters I am sorry to say, even though I like the world so much, fall to the wayside.  Many that may be Djinn, demon, or angel are absolutely impossible to keep track of until about halfway to three quarters of the way to completing the story.  As I say, though, this atmosphere of hard-to-track or difficult-to-keep-up-with cannot kill such an immortal travel to, once again, worlds outside of our conception whether incomplete hybrids, stuck between forms, (think woman with a deer’s back but generally human features) working at a brothel or witches slicing palms and applying blood to amulets.

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