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Holiday Foreplay

I’m a sucker for Christmas. It’s a magical time of year built for making memories and kindling romance; the gifts, the sparkle, the music, the mistletoe…

But sometimes even Santa needs a little help when it comes to the art of seduction. That’s when he pulls out the perfect holiday love story to snuggle up with and get your HEA on.

In my house, Santa has a few timeworn favorites for when the days grow extra cold and the nights grow extra long, plus a couple movies that were new to the big guy this year that really got his jingle bells ringing. So I decided, as part of Rabid Reads Holiday Foreplay event, to offer you a peek in Santa’s bag for some guaranteed Christmas romance…Hollywood style.

Holiday Engagement – this movie actually takes place over Thanksgiving, but since the holiday season officially kicks off the last Thursday in November, I’m going to start with it. Newspaper reporter, Hillary Burns is under pressure to bring her perfect lawyer fiancee for the holidays to finally meet her parents, but when he dumps her at the last minute, she decides to hire an actor to play the part. A sweet romance ensues complete with misunderstandings, soulful looks, and an exploding turkey fryer. And if you ever wondered where Diane from the old TV show Cheers went, you can catch up with her here.

While You Were Sleeping – Lonely ticket-taker Lucy saves a man who’s fallen onto the tracks. When she’s mistaken for his fiancée, she thinks she’s found the family she’s always wanted. But what happens when she begins to have feelings for her “fiancee’s” brother? I hadn’t watched this movie for a while so I’d forgotten how wonderful it was until I pulled it out this year, popped it in the DVD player, and got all warm and gooey inside.

The Holiday – This is two romances for the price of one. Iris Simpkins in London and Amanda Woods in Hollywood both need an escape from their troubled love lives and decide to switch houses for the holidays. Then Iris meets music composer Miles while Amanda falls for Iris’s brother Graham. My daughter and I love this movie…I mean what’s not to like with Jude Law and Jack Black as our transatlantic love interests? But it’s the added bonus of Iris’s friendship with her lonely neighbor that really gives you that soft warm Christmassy glow.

Xmas presents

The Family Stone – This one was recommended to me by a reader on Facebook who said it was one of her favorites. Rented it from the library and loved it! It’s about a son who brings home his uptight girlfriend for the holidays in anticipation of proposing. Unfortunately, his family is united in their dislike of her. Faced with their hostility, she asks her sister to come along, and that’s when things get complicated. It’s the recipe for a Christmas classic; family dysfunction, a fish out of water, romantic misunderstandings, and a neat and tidy ending sure to win your heart.

Santa in my house is an old movie buff. After all, nothing beats an old-fashioned black and white romantic comedy where the dialogue sizzles and the story delights. And when they’re set at Christmas, why, that’s a star on the tippy-top of the tree.

Christmas In Connecticut – Barbara Stanwyck stars as Elizabeth Lane, a 1940’s Martha Stewart who’s trapped into creating the perfect Christmas for a war-hero sailor and her newspaper boss. Unfortunately, she’s a fraud who can’t boil an egg. I love the screwball comedy of errors pacing in this movie as complications pile one on top of the other like a house of cards you know is certain to collapse any minute.

White Christmas – If you like singing and dancing, you’ll love Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in this fantastic movie about two song-and-dance men who team up with a beautiful sister act to save a Vermont inn run by their former general. Romantic entanglements and mix-ups abound, but by the end, we’re humming right along with the title track. After so many years of watching this, my husband loves to embarrass my daughter with his rendition of “Snow”, while I always threaten to buy him sock garters; the perfect gift for the man in your life.

It’s A Wonderful Life – not a typical boy meets girl romance, but there’s no doubt it’s chock-full of enough heart for ten movies. For the few of you who don’t know what this movie is about, the story follows George Bailey. As he struggles to hold onto the family business against the machinations of the evil Mr. Potter, his life’s dreams are stripped from him one by one, until one Christmas Eve, his world comes crashing down, and he decides he’d be better off dead. It’s up to the angel Clarence to show him what the world would have been like without him. The honeymoon scene in the old leaky house papered in travel posters is one of the most romantic scenes ever and the final scene makes me cry no matter how many times I see it.

So whether you’re hoping Santa puts you on his naughty list or simply looking for some sparkle to add a little holiday cheer, grab one of these movies and a bowl of popcorn, snuggle up and enjoy some Christmas romance.

PS. I’m always looking for additions to my holiday list, so let me know what movies put you in the mood to unwrap yourself like a present for the one you love?

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28 responses to “Holiday Foreplay with Alexa Egan + Giveaway

  1. to be honest i can’t think of any that would put me in that mood^^;;

    thank you a lot for the giveaway and happy holidays

  2. Thanks for a fun post! Congrats to Alexa on the new release! It sounds fantastic! Umm… I really can’t think of any Christmas movies that put me in “that” mood… I watch all the classics… White Christmas, A Christmas Story, Frosty the Snowman…

  3. Love your list. I love Love Actually and an old movie called The Bishop’s Wife with Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young. A wonderful movie.
    Please enter me if it’s a print book. Thank you. Happy Holidays.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Pride & Prejudice! I love regency movies! We always get cozy around each other so that’s definitely a start! :3
    (Ileana A.-rafflecopter)

  5. Alexa would like to pass along the following reply to all of your lovely comments:

    Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by and added their suggestions to the list. Tonight, I’m bypassing romantic and going straight to the kid stuff with Arthur Christmas. I’ve never seen it before so can’t wait to find out whether it’s a one-off or a keeper to be added to the yearly rotation. Anyone else seen this one? What did you think?

  6. LOVE ACTUALLY!!!! The best, best best jut absolute best!!! LOVE IT! 😀 But, for some reason I also like A Walk To Remember….it’s a little on the sad side, but it makes me appreciate what I do have. 🙂

  7. Hi! Thanks for this chance, I never really thought about a movie in particular but maybe Striptease! LOL It’s hilarious and quite sexy and maybe dirty dancing and flash dance… I love to dance to get in the mood 😛

  8. I haven’t seen a sexy movie in a long time because of 2 lil boys always in tow these days. Cajun Nights was the last, long time ago. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com