Review: Werewolf in Denver by Vicki Lewis Thompson

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Werewolf in Denver by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Title: Werewolf in Denver
Series: Wild About You #4
Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
Publisher: Signet
Format: Paperback, 336 pages
Published: October 2, 2012
ISBN #: 9780451238641 / 0451238648
Genre: Para Chick Lit
My Copy: from publisher
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Love at first woof.

When Denver-based Were blogger and founder of Honoring of Werewolf Legacy (HOWL) Kate Stillman agrees to take on political “bad boy” Duncan MacDowell in a public debate about werewolf segregation, she’s confident she’ll sail through the challenge without letting down her guard.

And what can go wrong while hanging out with the sexy Scottish founder of Werewolves Optimizing Our Future (WOOF) long enough to convince him his views on interspecies mating are mistaken? Plenty, when Kate discovers that she’s actually wildly attracted to her opponent—who by all accounts prefers dating human women!

But what hope can there be when this irresistible werewolf-with-a-cause believes their future depends on Kate losing the argument?

The Wild About You books are some of the cutest werewolf novels that I have ever read and Werewolf in Denver is my favourite one so far. I loved the blogger / social media backbone behind this one. Perhaps not all readers will connect with the story line as I did because not everyone’s a book blogger but I think that the tech savvy werewolves will appeal to many on some level, especially in today’s gadget-ized world. I enjoyed the back-and-forth between the main couple in this installment; their jabs at each other are of an almost political nature which is a refreshing change from the usual “opposite personalities attract” story line. Werewolf in Denver is chick lit with fur and an entertaining way to escape reality.

The blogger / social media aspect immediately hooked me from the get-go. I love the fact that Vicki Lewis Thompson created a Twitter hashtag for her first annual werewolf conference and how the two debate leaders went at it online and face-to-face. I also enjoyed the celebrity gossip news articles peppered throughout the book; they added another level of quirkiness to an already fun read. The opening chapters were the perfect set-up to bring Kate and Duncan together on the romantic front and helped to add a level of credibility to their insta-romance that so many other paranormal romance books lack.

I enjoyed the chemistry between this installment’s leading couple and that their budding relationship encountered many bumps along the way. It wouldn’t have been very believable otherwise. Debate leaders with extremely opposing views on a sensitive issue ignoring their values for a one night stand is one thing but when put into the context of a lasting relationship? Not so much. I was really pleased with how Lewis developed Kate and Duncan’s romance. I also appreciated the way that Vicki went there with regards to human/human and wolf/wolf sex. Not many authors can pull off such a feat without coming across as somewhat of a weirdo. Lewis does a phenomenal job of making the sex hot no matter what form the characters are in.

The author does an excellent job of ensuring that enough werewolf elements are included in the story line. That was one of my main complaints in previous installments of this series. Why write about weres if you’re not going to make them do actual wolf-like things? Lewis succeeded in creating a nice balance between both sides of the characters’ natures and, as a result, this is my favourite Wild About You book to date. The hilarious dialogue and outrageous terms definitely helped too!

I made quick work of Werewolf in Denver and am anxiously awaiting Werewolf in Alaska scheduled for release next summer.

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Werewolf in Denver by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Recommendation: Perfect light reading for a lazy Sunday afternoon with just the right mix of fun and romance.
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  1. Cute and werewolf don’t usually go together, but that seems to match the covers =) Nice review, makes me want to check out the series.