Question: What Is Your Reading Spot?

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Carmel: I have many reading spots. I’ll squeeze in some quality time with my current book pretty much anywhere: in the car, waiting for an appointment, at my desk during my lunch break, on the couch, in bed, etc. My new found love of audio books has also expanded where I can read because now I listen while doing dishes, laundry and walking the dogs. Needless to say, MP3’s make chores almost fun! If I had to pick my favourite reading spot though I’d probably have to say in bed. I love holing up in my king sized bed under mountains of covers and not emerging until I’ve read the entire book. I’ve found that lying down is the optimal position for any lenghty amount of time and I avoid getting a crick in my neck (gawd I sound old!). Unfortunately, now that I’m a “responsible” adult, opportunities to spend an entire day doing so are few and far between.

Josh: The floor.

What about you?

What Is Your Reading Spot?


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15 responses to “Question: What Is Your Reading Spot?

  1. I use to read in bed all the time. But ever since we bought new furniture (like 2 yrs ago) I have been reading in my living room on my comfy chair. I do miss reading in bed sometimes.

  2. Well my bed is always my favorite spot, with a blanket and pillow, however I like Carmel read in the car, on my lunch break, while cooking dinner, on the sofa, in a chair, just about anywhere.

  3. LOL!! Love how you have the paragraph about where you read and then Josh has the simple answer…. the floor.

    I pretty much read in bed, on the sofa, in my kids bed (he asks me to lay down with him so til he falls asleep I have my book in hand)
    I listen to audios in the car, at work and cleaning house.