Cover Love #31: Riven, Dark Days & Undead for a Day

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Cover Love

The Rules: Choose a cover (or two, or three), preferably new-ish, and share what you like about it. Grab my graphic or don’t (just so long as you link back). I’ll be posting Cover Love every Monday but feel free to post yours on whichever day works best for you.

My Picks:

I’ll be honest, I like this cover because it’s funky. I think that’s a necklace?

I’ve always been partial to purple but when it’s paired with black it’s just gorgeous

I like the swirly smoke. It has a nice flow to it.

The Illumine Series #3
by Alivia Anders
December 7, 2012
The third installment of The Illumine Series.

Captured, imprisoned, and left to burn.
You know what they say- where there’s smoke there’s fire…

For the last two weeks, Essallie Hanley has been a prisoner, in more ways than one. Held hostage by the Queen, she is forced to endure the mind-numbing pain tearing her body- and soul -apart, killing her with every tick of the clock. It seems all hope is lost, until one chance moment gives Essallie a name, Rinae Decante, the final person needed for the Queen to unveil her master plan to end Essallie. Armed with this name, and with the help of Ari and Kayden, Essallie breaks free from her captivity and launches in a search for this mystery girl.

But their search doesn’t go as smoothly as planned, and the three soon find themselves fighting against an impenetrable course of fate aimed to destroy them all from the inside out. When Essallie falls victim to her altering soul, they all begin to wonder of there’s any chance at all to save themselves from the burning effects of their actions.

Love, lies, and betrayal.
No one is safe from the undoing of secrets surrounding Essallie.

Dark Days  
The cover fits the title and the blurb nicely. I like it when that happens!

I like the girl’s haircut; I only wish that I had the bone structure to be able to pull it off with my own hair. *sigh*

The couple have great “don’t f#&k with us” faces. I love it! LOL

Dark Days
Black London #6
by Caitlin Kittredge
April 30, 2013
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Jack Winter is back. But his demons are far from behind him…

Jack Winter and his girlfriend Pete Caldecott have encountered a lot of strange creatures in the Black—primordial demons, hungry ghosts, witch hunters, and the Prince of Hell himself, Belial. When Belial asks Jack for one last favor to help him keep his throne,Jack may have finally met his match because Belial’s rival is something that no one— human or demon—has ever seen before…


There’s a revolution brewing in Hell, and Jack might be the only one who can stop Belial’s rival from ripping a hole between the Black and the mortal world—a catastrophe that could be worse than Armageddon. But to win, Jack will have to do the one thing he swore he never would: become a servant to the Morrigan, and risk losing everything he knows and loves… including Pete.

  Undead for the Dead
A full moon + purple = I am an immediate fan.

I like her strappy dress, it makes me wonder what the front looks like!

And of course, I LOVE the sword!

Undead for the Day
by Chris Marie Green, Nancy Holder & Linda Thomas-Sundstorm
October 2012


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10 responses to “Cover Love #31: Riven, Dark Days & Undead for a Day

  1. I really like the cover for Undead for a Day too. Ok, so when I saw the guy on the Dark Days cover I thought “hey David Beckham did a book cover.” Call me weird but the guy kind of reminds me of Beckham.

  2. That’s Paul Marron! See, every cover with that guy is hot *swoons*. Great choice! 😀

    I love the cover for Undead for a Day.