StompvsRomp: Paranormal Couples Who Love Their Action

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Stomp VS Romp Hosted by Rabid Reads and The Book Nympho
One of my scheduled authors fell through at the last minute so I’ve been forced to step up to the plate to defend Team Stomp. I’m not a writer but I refuse to go quietly into the night and let Team Romp dominate this battle. If anything, I hope this post earns me a couple of sympathy votes!

Action is the ying to romance’s yang in my opinion. You can’t have one without the other. Take Cat and Bones for example. Would they be the kickass paranormal couple that they are without both? I think not.

Cat and Bones

Most of their best lovemaking takes place on the precipice of danger. One of their many mortal enemies is breathing down their necks and this might be their last chance to be together. For them, every romp session is a chance to say goodbye. Funny how they never say to hell with it, let the rest of the world fix this mess while we stay in bed and get it on. Other times, the battle has been won and they celebrate life by making love. Either way, their romance is always foreplay or dessert, never the main course. For these two love birds it’s always all about the action.

Still not convinced? Ask my favourite werewolf duo if their relationship could survive without the thrill of the chase.

Clay and Elena

Clay and Elena’s between the sheets sessions are more Stomp than Romp anyway. That’s assuming that they even make it to a bed, which they usually don’t. For them it’s all about the hunt: the predator and the prey. Their foreplay involves chasing down a mutt, kicking his ass and then disposing of the body followed by a intense round of cat and mouse through the forest. Their best sex usually happens in the heat of battle; they get so turned on by blood and violence that Clay and Elena can’t help but sneak away for a quickie while their pack picks up the slack. More often than not they walk away from their nookie sessions with battle scars. Do you expect me to believe that their climaxes would be just as explosive without action? Their relationship probably wouldn’t last. Werewolves don’t do vanilla.

I can’t very well name names without dragging the members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood into the mix. Would the Brothers still be considered the warriors and defenders of their race if all they did was bone? Don’t make me laugh. Admittedly, the sex is off the charts HOT but then again so is the action. In a no holds barred, down and dirty, run for your life sort of way. The Brothers screw as hard as they fight so, if anything, Romp ties with Stomp in this instance.

Mac and Barrons

Team Romp’s fearless leader Jennifer’s favourite preternatural match is Mac and Barrons. Do you really expect me to believe that these two are all about the romance? Puh-lease! Barrons doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. It’s action that brings them together in the beginning and it’s action that keeps them together in the end. Sure, they get it on a time or two but these are only brief interludes in their stomp lifestyle. I think this proves that Jennifer is actually a closet Team Stomp supporter.

I think romance has it’s place but alone, it’s not enough. It needs action in order to thrive. So in closing, make the right choice, the only choice and vote stomp!


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16 responses to “StompvsRomp: Paranormal Couples Who Love Their Action

  1. JZB and Mac… brief interludes?! What about that MONTH in that room? Brief with JZB is total bull shite.

    But you have a point with the couples you mention. They have both Stomp and Romp in their relationships.

    Nice work on the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants post. ;p


  2. Cats and Bones are perfect together because of the action part too that’s part of what they are and capital in the story

  3. I agree with all the examples (except I haven’t read the Fever series yet). The stomping makes the romping better!

  4. I’m with you all the way, and your examples are PERFECT. How about Ethan and Merit from Chloe Neill’s series, or Kate and Curran from Ilona Andrew’s Kate Daniel’s series? SO many more:)

  5. Oh Snapples Carmel!! You make an awesome point. I mean if you had a book with just the couples getting it on it would not be as awesome. All the tension and the fighting really do build up to the most awesomest sex scenes! Plus you had to fight dirty and bring in some of my favorite couples! Bones and Cat, Clay and Elena, Mac and Barrons and none of them would have been as good if it’d been all romance.

    I think you are trying to brain wash me!!

  6. I’m a big fan of the Romance, but I agree with you, you can’t have a paranormal book without at least a bit of Stomp.

    (P.s. I went into a clicking frenzy and I forgot to add the link to my tweet… sorry).