Question: When you re-read a book, do you read it cover to cover?

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Carmel: Usually yes because without re-reading the entire book it’s hard to put a specific scene into context without the whole story. Also, when something’s “that good” it’s typically an indication that either the entire book or a good chunk of it is equally as awesome too. So why not enjoy the full experience instead of only a little snippet?

Sue: I only re-read the good parts that I find moving. I’m morbid because I bookmark the one’s that make me cry! I love me a good cry.

What about you?

When you re-read a book, do you read it cover to cover?


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14 responses to “Question: When you re-read a book, do you read it cover to cover?

  1. I do a bit of both. Sometimes I just want the re-read specific scenes, if the book is still fresh, and other times I read the whole thing and remember just why I loved it!

  2. No never! I always just dive into the middle and read a bit, or just re-read my favourite bits again.
    Sometimes I can be reading a book, remember a scene from another book, and have to go and look it up to re-read just that bit. Sometimes I just read the ending again, or just the beginning again.
    I have too many new books to read to go and re-read old books cover to cover. Am I weird?!

  3. When I re-read a book, I tend to read it cover to cover again. Often depending on what mood I am in, different parts will affect me in a different way.

  4. The only time I read snippets of a book is if I have been thinking about a certain scene and want to relive only it. Most of the time though I will just re-read the entire book.

  5. I usually have all of my favorite scenes marked in my favorite books, so I can usually get away with only reading certain parts.