Question: What are some of your re-read scenes?

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Carmel: I don’t have many, whenever something merits a re-read I usually opt for the entire book instead of just a specific scene. The only one that comes to mind is chapter 32 in Jeaniene Frost’s One Foot in the Grave. It’s memorable in that it’s one of the hottest scenes ever written in paranormal fiction (in my opinion).

Sue: I re-read a scene in the Sookie Series near the end of Book 9 – there is an exchange between Sookie and Eric that breaks my heart and we see what Eric’s true feelings towards her are. Sometimes I flip open Daughter of Smoke and bone and read a page or two radomly. If you haven’t guessed that’s a favourite of mine!

What about you?

What are some of your re-read scenes?


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7 responses to “Question: What are some of your re-read scenes?

  1. I have to say the two books I have re read a couple of times is
    Quinn Loftis’ Prince of Wolves. I love that book, especially the fight scene between the two alphas.

    And J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover, the first book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. In fact I have a few favorites in that series! lol

  2. I’ve reread the first chapter of The First Days about 100 times… I seriously love it hardcore!

    But I rarely read specific parts in a book at random… If I’m doing a reread, it’ll be the whole thing!

  3. I have a few. Chapter 32 of course. Also like blue moon by laurell k hamilton, ther first time for anita and richard. Also like dead to the world by charlaine harris, the shower scene with sookie and eric. The wonder scenes from 50 shades darker with ana & christian(fav book of the series).

  4. I’ve re-read books 1-4 of the Night Huntress series while I waited for book 5.

    While listening to the Downside series by Stacia Kane, I’ve re-listened to some scene. After I hear them for the 1st time I back it up to listen again because they were so good.

  5. Like you, I don’t have any. I also re- listen or re-read the entire book.
    Wait a minute… I forgot about one; the ending of Dreamfever, I re- listen to that one a bunch of times, I was trying to figure out who Mac had just killed.