Question: If You Could Spend 24hrs As One Of Your Favorite Heroines, Who Would You Be?

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Carmel: There are a lot of great heroines out there to choose from but when you really think about it the “right” answer isn’t quite as obvious. It’s great fun reading about a chick who’s knee deep in trouble and fighting for her life ever single day but the reality of it is another story.

I’m going to have to say Elena Michaels from Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Most of her problems are as a result of her enjoying a good chase so I’m confident that if I were to done her skin for a day that I could manage to stay out of trouble. I’d want to change into her furrier side and see what life’s like as a wolf. Ooh, and maybe bed Clay once or twice. LOL

Sue: This is such a hard choice!
One of my all time favorite heroines is Mercedes Thompson from the series written by Patricia Briggs. I really connected with the character. She’s got a tough exterior, but is very compassionate towards those she loves. She’s protective and will take on the world if she has to. She’s loyal and unrelenting in pursuing her goals. She’s also a little bull-headed, which I (ahem) can also identify with. Plus she shifts into a cool coyote and has the attention of the local sexy alpha.

What about you?

If You Could Spend 24 Hours As One Of Your Favorite Heroines, Who Would You Be?


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3 responses to “Question: If You Could Spend 24hrs As One Of Your Favorite Heroines, Who Would You Be?

  1. It’s a tie between Chess from Downside series by Stacia Kane (would love to spend the day with Terrible!!) and Mac from the Fever series by KMM (mmmm…. a whole day with Jericho Barrons). OH I want both; make me a Terrible and JZB sandwich!!

  2. I have so many, Tori from Acheron (so I could be near Ash) sorry couldn’t help it but serious answer I would go with Alyssa from the Immortalis series by Katie Salidas. She is tough, funny but same time she is very sweet and has a big heart.

  3. Good choice in Elena. She’s a great character and of course she gets to go to bed with Clay!
    I’d be Buffy for a day and kick some vampire ass, any maybe invite Spike over for a drink after 🙂