Question: Do you own multiple copies of a book?

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Carmel: Of course! For the most part I have eBook / physical combos. Meaning I received an electronic ARC and loved the story so much that I had to buy a physical copy to display on my shelf. However, I do have a few duplicates as a result of requesting a review copy from the publisher, never receiving a response and then after buying the book I receive it again a week later from the publisher. This doesn’t happen often but it is slightly irritating.

Sue: I own multiple copies of Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and the entire Fever series by Karen Marie Moning – two worlds I can’t get enough of. I’m not one for reading an entire book again, but after reading the Fever series I wanted to hear the audio so I bought those to listen to when I’m commuting or doing mind numbing work, which unfortunately I do a lot of in my day job. The audio is good and the last couple of books there is a Barrons male voice along with the female Mac so it’s enjoyable to listen to. I did the same with Daughter of Smoke and Bone, only in reverse. I bought the audio thinking I could pass some time, but when I realized how outstanding the writing is I had to buy the book and re-read it. The story had to be tangible to me, so having it in my hands allowed me to pause over the beautiful descriptions and passages.

What about you?

Do you own multiple copies of a book?


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19 responses to “Question: Do you own multiple copies of a book?

  1. I have a couple books that I have multiple copies of. First, I have two sets of the Harry Potter books: the original set of hardcovers that have been abused over the years, and a pretty set of paperbacks that are on display and have never been opened.

    I have duplicated of some ARCs this summer, from going to BEA and then receiving a second copy in the mail. I’ll be giving them away sometime soon.

    Finally, I have a hardcover and paperback copy of The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab. I bought the hardcover last summer, but when I was at BEA I got a paperback copy signed. So that I’ll be keeping forever.

  2. I do! Quite often I will have paper, ebook, and audio of the same book. Sometimes I will find I have two copies in paper, and I try to place them in a good home as soon as possible. No need to be greedy, right? I find I usually get others in return, so it somehow never reduces the number in my physical library…

  3. Actually I do! I still have several novels from teenage days (back then I read all books in my native tongue German) and in some cases I later bought the English originals. Oh and I also stocked up on all four eBooks from SM Reine’s Season of the Moon series, despite owning the first one as paperback. I wanted to have the whole series and not one missing on my new Kindle. Understandable, right?

  4. when i’m really a fan i have the french edition and the original one ^^;; or for some book i have one copy and one signed that i won later ( and i can’t say no to a signed book)

  5. haha pathetically yes I have a lot of duplicates. I have ebook copies and real copies. And then I sometimes own a book but then win a signed copy. I usually keep both because I want to save my signed copy and keep it nice and read the unsigned copy. Sometimes I loan out books and can’t wait to get them back so then I end up buying them again. That is how I ended up with a million copies of the Twilight series. lol Everyone borrowed them so I bought new and then eventually got a bunch of copies back.

  6. I actually do have two books that I have two copies of!

    1) The Savage Blood by Tamara Rose Blodgett. I have a signed paperback and the Kindle edition.

    2) Pure by Julianna Baggott. I have an eARC and a signed hardcover.

  7. I totally own several copies of several editions!!!! Like I own a signed ARC of Fighting to Survive, and a finished copy! Then I own several ebooks, then hard copies of the same one… Then I have some ecopies, paperbacks and hard copies, it’s a bit ridiculous actually!