Tour Stop/Giveaway: 5 Reasons to be Afraid of Fairies by Luna Lindsey

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Five Reasons to be Afraid of Fairies

Carmel here on Rabid Reads talks a lot about werewolves: frightening, violent, uncontrollable, and bestial creatures with a nature-affinity. It may surprise you to learn that faeries aren’t all that different. True, werewolves have fur and fangs, whereas most faeries don’t. But the fangs are merely tools. And faeries have tools of their own.

In the opening pages of Emerald City Dreamer, a woman walks into Jina’s Survivors of Faerie Trauma support group, hoping she’ll learn how to attract faeries to her garden. Jina reacts with scorn. This woman is ignorant, making wishes she may regret.

Who can blame the unwitting gardener? The fragile wisps of dragonfly wing-flutters entice her. She remembers the summer of her childhood, listening to fairy tales that promised blessings from pure-souled goddesses of nature. She once played with plastic-winged Barbie dolls and glitter wands with stars on the ends. Who wouldn’t want to bring a little magic into the garden?

The gardener has been misled. The images and stories in her picture books were not depictions of true fae, but the simulacrum of angels. Those who have truly studied dream-creatures will know that there are far more than five reasons to be afraid of faeries.

1. No Mercy – Your pleas for mercy will not sway a faerie when she has made up her mind.
2. Your Dreams Are Their Weapons – The fae steal the stuff of dreams to shape glamour. Not a big deal you think; most people won’t miss a dream or two. Until a korrigan uses that glamour to trip you, tie you up, and drag you to his warehouse lair where he seals you inside a brick wall and drains the rest of your dreams, slowly, over months, until your mind starves to death.
3. You Can’t Run – Faeries know the paths of the furrows, unseen roads through Tir Nan Og which allow them to move just about anywhere. You can run, but you won’t get far.
4. There Are No Good Guys – What about the seelie fae, you wonder. They’re the good guys, right? Just talk nicely to a soft-mannered gnome and leave out some milk and you’re golden. Living, breathing garden gnomes for life! But faeries, even the “good” ones, have a lot of really odd and complicated rules. Miss Manner’s Guide to Faerie Etiquette has yet to be written because it cannot be written. If you forget to leave out the milk on the night before a full moon, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But leave out 2% when Gnomy McGnomy-Pants is in the mood for vanilla soy? You can kiss your eyeballs goodbye. And maybe your left nostril, for spite.
5. They Put the A+ in Abduction – You know the stories of alien abductions? Identical stories were told hundreds of years before the first sci-fi movie or UFO sighting. Only instead of greys with almond eyes, the abductors were fairies. All the other details? The sense of lost time, feelings of being watched, paralysis, orbs of light, levitation, imprisonment, unspeakable sexual acts, and anal probes? Aliens are a cheap knockoff – faeries thought of it first.

Scared yet? Don’t worry! I am on blog tour this month, so keep an eye out (not literally, McGnomy-Pants!) for my other posts, including how to avoid the notice of faeries and methods for escaping an attack. Check out my blog for links.

If you need something sooner, Jina and Sandy demonstrate, hands-on, time-tested methods for fighting the fae in Emerald City Dreamer. Pick up a copy and read more about it right now.

Luna Lindsey Luna is an indie author located in Seattle, WA. Her first story (about a hippopotamus) crawled out of her head at the early age of 4. Her mom had to write it down for her. After running out of things to say about hippopotami, she switched genres to sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. During a ten-year break from fiction, she primarily wrote non-fiction and became an accidental expert on mind control, computers, and faeries. After returning to fiction in 2010, she now publishes ebooks and seeks publication in short story markets. She has written over thirty short stories and three novels.

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Emerald City Dreamer

Emerald City Dreamer is book one of the urban fantasy series, Dreams by Streetlight, set in Seattle. Jina is a rock star and a faerie hunter, who users music as her weapon. But she is a dreamer, so her music also attracts and feeds the fae.

As she finds herself falling in love with an elf, conflicts with Sandy escalate. Enemies begin to gather, and Jina must make a choice between loyalty and what she believes.

Delve into this deeply developed, internally consistent world of the fae, and meet beings who are simultaneously alien, elegant, and terrifying, fueled by dreams and the creative energy of artists. Glimpse the secret world of Tir Nan Og through the eyes of fully fledged four-dimensional characters living in a Seattle that is just a bit weirder than you think.

This is a story with psychological depth, a page-turner with unexpected twists and turns.


1 eBook copy of Four Fae: A Collection of Short Stories Set in the Dreams by Streetlight Universe.

The Metro Gnome
Right After Feeding Time
The Thief at 619
Palmolive Bbuble

Open internationally, closes Friday June 13th, 2012. To enter leave a comment with your e-mail address and answer the following question:

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Thanks Luna for stopping by the blog today and good luck to all of the giveaway participants!

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  1. Thanks for a great post and giveaway!

    Ummm… 1-5 are good reasons to be scared of fairies! Geesh!


  2. Awesome post..i warn my husband all the be wary of faeries. I also warn him to never ever ask them for a favor!
    This book sounds cool and I am adding it to my list!