Question: Why Do We Keep Buying More Books?

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My book buying habits aren’t actually that bad; mainly because I don’t enjoy having an out of control TBR pile. Sure, my wishlist is insane but the number of books that are actually sitting on my shelves/eReader isn’t overwhelming. I think in total, at any given moment, there’s probably about 20 which isn’t too bad in my opinion. I could stockpile them like most book bloggers do but I find that it stresses me out so I prefer to keep my reading pile manageable. If a book has been sitting on my shelf for 6 months or more I can’t justify buying another one until I’ve at least made a dent in what’s already in my bookcase. I also try to stay away from temptation (i.e. bookstores and online retailers) as much as possible. Of course, I’m not saying that I never go on book buying binges but they’re few and far between.

My blood pressure and wallet are both grateful for my self-control, I’m sure.

What about you?

Why Do We Keep Buying More Books?


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38 responses to “Question: Why Do We Keep Buying More Books?

  1. I stopped buying books years ago because I couldn’t afford them, but now that I have a Kobo and I’m having a ball! I’m enjoying the old classic books and new authors. Now just to find the time to read them all.

  2. Because I secretly want to open my own bookshop … nah, just kidding! Compulsive book hoarder, I guess. The only book pile I do have under control is the one for review (currently: 12 books) other than that I’m a lost cause despite purging my book loot once a year or so to get rid of those books I don’t really see myself reading. Still, that leaves me with about 350 unread books *gasp*. Yeah, I know, I’m bad.

  3. It a bad habit to want to have every book, and trust me I would love to own every book , but thats not going to happen. Its an addiction just like everything else that needs to be in moderation.

  4. Because I’m an addict? I have two entire bookshelves full of TBR books, probably 400 something books… but I cant help it! I usually buy books when they’re on discount only though. So I purchase from book Closeouts (which are having a 50% sale on YA books!) and pre-order from Book Depository when they have a 10% off code.
    The thing is… you never know when there will be a zombie apocalypse and you wont be able to access books anymore. Gotta keep your priorities straight!

  5. Well..i do not have your control…LOL I have whole series in my tbr pile..hehehe. I am a book addict, I totally get the need, must have now mentality. I read on average 200 books a year and I love to buy books above all things!

  6. @Tynga LOL So you’re stockpiling books instead of supplies/food for the zombie apocalypse? Hmm… not sure about your priorities there. 😛

  7. I don’t really buy books. I have ONE purchased paperback on my shelf which is unread. I actually bought it to get free shipping at Amazon with another purchase. I do have several (maybe 10) unread Kindle books that I bought recently, but they were on sale for $0.99, so I couldn’t pass up that deal! Then there’s the books I won; I’m slowly working my way through those.

    I’m mostly a library book reader, and Kindle freebie addict, so I pretty much never buy books.

  8. Why do I buy books, because I cannot resist finding bargains at 1/2 price bookstore on the clearance shelf and good deals on new books at B&N and TBD are not to be passed up either.
    I have neither the time nor inclination to hit our local libraries, do not like a “deadline” on when a book must be read unless I set it myself and also have no wish to have to pay for a book if heaven forbid one got damaged by my dog or cats.
    Addicted, hoarder of books am I and not too worried about it either, they will not “spoil” or go “flat” like cookies and soda do.

  9. Control? HA! I once managed to enter into a bookshop with only the equivalent of…say 5 dollars in my pocket and find a 4 dollars book (that I read and enjoyed). The point is I don’t have control. I might be able to control my urges if we didn’t have e-books and e-readers. Since we do, it’s quite easy to hit that “buy now” button. (I secretly believe my computer is possessed and *knows* when to buy certain books without me controlling it, but please *shhh* don’t tell anyone, or I’ll end up in the hospital *blink*)
    Why we buy books? Errr, that’s a difficult one. You’d think after hundreds of books read, you’ve had your fill, right? But that ain’t true. It’s like me with my doll collection: I see one that I love and I buy it. (yes, I collect dolls. What can I say, I’m a sucker for old dolls) Oh, and another GREAT reason to buy a book: a great cover. Either a cartoonish one that you just have to have for the design or for the hot, sexy male model that will make you drool like you’re staring at an ice cream. *fans self*

  10. I have a book buying addiction. I fully admit it. I haven’t gotten the control yet not to buy more books. I need therapy! LOL! I do read a lot of books, but I still can’t stay caught up with what I do have and I still order more *sigh*

  11. I’m definitely a book addict as well. I would love to have my own personal library! I call it a “book buying sickness” that I have, lol. I always ask for Barnes and Noble gift cards for my birthday and Christmas. So far, I have over 600 books! And when Barnes and Noble emails me the coupons, I can’t say no.

  12. I ask myself this question a lot. I have one bookcase that consist of my TBR books and its always overflowing with books. I say I won’t buy anymore but that just doesn’t work. Honestly I’m getting better at buying less. I’m just a hardcore book addict and my need to have all of the titles that excite me consumes my bank account. I just can’t pass on a chance to enter another world if only for a little while.

  13. My TBR pile stresses me out. I have too many, but have a hard time purging them if I haven’t tried the book yet. *sigh* I’m not buying any books lately, but still receiving some for review from publishers. I really just need to get caught up and stop saying yes as often. LOL

  14. I don’t buy many books anymore Probably like a fifteen every three months. But I have a problem with downloading the free ones. I pretty much get most of my books from giveaways. I can’t help but want more books even though I have about 100 on my TBR pile. I have a prolem and I can admit it.

  15. Funny that you should ask this question today, as I just got a shelf installed to store my growing pile of books. I keep buying books because I love books … love them. I often will go to Chapters and just linger about … because the books, they give some kind of wonderful energy. In addition to all the real physical books I have, I also have scads on my Kobo, just waiting for me.

  16. It’s all those series that keep coming out. When I first started reading fiction books, most of what I had were stand alones or Trilogies (Animals of Farthing Wood and Star Wars novels were probably the only books which could be called a series…). Now, every author that I read seems to be doing it! I’ve not been buying books much lately because I can never seem to find a recent author that I like any more and I have most of the books by authors that I like to read. I also have a lot of non-fiction books, mostly science and I don’t really count them because I need them for reference.

  17. Ahaha, I’m with Tynga on this, – you never know when the zombie apocalypse hits…but really, I’ve been addicted to books all my life, and because it would not hurt my budget to buy books the way I buy them, I wouldn’t stop either. It’s like comfort food. The other day I woke up absolutely exhausted after night shift at work, and what did I do straight away? Bought 4 books from my TBR. They made me feel better and cost under £5 each. It cost about the same money to buy few drinks in the pub, and I don’t drink, so books is the next best thing 🙂 At the moment I have about 120 books to read, half of them won, other half bought, so it’s not too bad. You have an iron ill, Carmel, to stick to your 20 books!:))) *shudders*

  18. @Jennifer I think part of the reason why I’m so disciplined is that I’m on 3 month terms with my job so I can’t go out an shop ’till I drop because I might find myself unemployed in the near future.