Question: Did Your TBR Pile Get Bigger After The Stork Brought Your eReader?

Posted June 27, 2012 by Carmel in / 26 Comments

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My answer is a resounding yes. For one, I live in the middle of no where so it can be quite the ordeal for me to even get to a bookstore. Unless I stop after work during the week while I’m in the city, my nearest book retailer is 30 minutes away. So I really really have to be desperate to make the trek on a weekend.

Second, eBooks have made it easier for indie/new authors to get the word out about their upcoming releases. Shipping’s not cheap but when you can send bloggers a review copy straight to their inbox that changes the game tremendously. I have a harder time managing my TBR pile where eBooks are concerned because unless I’m using my Kobo I have no idea how many novels are sitting on it waiting to be read. I have the bad habit of downloading eCopies and then forgetting about them. It’s difficult to ignore physical books when they’re sitting in my bookshelf screaming “read me”.

What about you?

Did Your TBR Pile Get Bigger After The Stork Brought Your eReader?


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26 responses to “Question: Did Your TBR Pile Get Bigger After The Stork Brought Your eReader?

  1. I have a TBR pile now that I own my Kobo. I did’t read much before because 1) lack of funds, but most of all, I couldn’t find anything interesting to read in book stores.

    I’m LOVING Project Gutenberg btw. All those classic books!

  2. OMG I can’t stop laughing … the STORK!!! And to answer your question, let’s just say after the eBook hoarding I indulged in last year, right after the stork landed, well it got so much out of hand that I went “download free” this past six month (at the same time I was on a general book buying ban). Still no clue when to read all those eBooks I already have, so my virtual TBR pile remains daunting as is. I don’t think I want to know what it would look like if I kept on feeding my eReader at the same pace as last year.

  3. @Birgit The initial excitement of owning an eReader definitely contributes to a growing TBR pile but once I got over my new toy things slowed down.

  4. My to read pile has grown exponentially because of that darn Kobo reader. Then, silly me, I started using Kindle for PC and 300+ books later – I think I need to buy a Kindle, too. The kicker is that I get a lot of free downloads by subscribing to a bunch of blogs and I have gotten great reads. The hard part is kicking the free download habit or at least limiting myself to a few per week.
    Great post.

  5. I started using Kindle for PC and have roughly 100 books in there waiting to be read. I am determined to get as many as possible read before the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

  6. Before I got my Kindle Fire I had maybe 5-10 books in my TBR pile. Once I got my Kindle I have a never ending TBR pile. I am glad to see that I am not the only one.

  7. My towering TBR pile resides next to my bed, and occasionally threatens to topple and crush me in my sleep. However, since my kids gave me a Kindle, the physical pile hasn’t grown any and may be getting smaller. The Kindle is a different story — I’m surprised it doesn’t weigh 5 pounds because of all the books I’ve loaded onto it! It’s tooooooo easy!

  8. My tbr pile exploded when I started to blog which happened to coincide with when I got my ereader. I’m now afraid to look at my inbox lol and haven’t counted the number of books in line for me to read, its too stressful

  9. This is a fantastic question, I just got my Kindle this month and seriously I went nuts especially with the cheap reads and freebies holy crap. It’s like an addiction I can’t stop and can’t wait my next payday til I can get more LOL but I am going to try get a grip on this spending and buy a gift card for x amount of dollars and that is what I am going to spend this next month and only it(that is of course they aren’t freebies LOL).

  10. I am ashamed to admit how many books are in my cloud. I subscribe to my free book sites and download at least one, but sometimes as many a dozen books. A day. I will never be able to read them all, but books are a better addiction than drugs to have!