Recap: Linda Poitevin’s Sins Of The Son Book Launch

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Last night, Julie from Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks and I attended Linda Poitevin‘s second book launch here in Ottawa. Aside from non-stop giggling between book bloggers, the night went off without a hitch.

Paul and I met-up with Julie and her husband for some pizza before the launch. The boys talked about sports and we, of course, gushed about books. After dinner we headed over to Collected Works where the boys got their picture taking duties out of the way and were then promptly dismissed.

I bought a GroupON a few months back so I had $30 to spend. I purchased a copy of Sins of the Son and Linger in hardcover. Then it was time to go say hi to Linda, grab some awesome swag and get my book signed.

While we were waiting for the excerpt reading portion of the evening to begin, Julie and I honed our photography skills. The store was under renovation and some of the lighting made it difficult to get a good picture. I tried to get “creative” and make it look like an angel was standing beside Linda for effect. Scroll down and tell me what you think of my attempt! 😉

Linda’s reading was beautifully done. I could have listened to her read all night! She also said a few heartfelt words (check out her recap for details). Her husband put on an entertaining show as well. Together, they’re an awesome team!

Afterwards, we went and got one last pic with the three of us and then said our good-byes. Here are some of my pics from last night:

Collected Works Bookstore
Julie and me posing with Sins of the Son Cake and munchies
Linda Poitevin reading from Sins of the Son Signed book, bookmark & launch postcard
Me, Linda and Julie
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Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin
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26 responses to “Recap: Linda Poitevin’s Sins Of The Son Book Launch

  1. Oh how fun!!! This is why I’m stalker with you guys, it’s so nice to be able to share our love for books with others that can understand our obsession.
    These two books are already on my TBR thanks to you.

  2. What a great time! I love this series and would have love to have been there. Although I’m in NY my favorite authors never seem to stop by here for events or signings!

  3. Thank you so much again for coming to the launch, Carmel! It was lovely to see you again, and I’m glad you and Julie had such a great time! 🙂

  4. I like how you wrote that the boys were ‘promptly dismissed’ and not that ‘they ran out of there so quickly you saw dust fly’ lol. And turning the ‘bright light that we really wanted to go turn off because it kept hitting us in the eyes but thought that may be overstepping’ into an ‘angel next to Linda’…brilliant! I had a blast with you Carmel and my night on the town. We’ll do it again for book 3!

  5. @Julie I was being nice by saying dismissed. LOL It was great fun. We’ll have to plan another “adult” night when Linda announces her next book.