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Blood Passage cover

Title: Blood Passage
Series: Blood Destiny #2
Author: Connie Suttle
Publisher: Connie Suttle
Format: eBook, 241 pages.
Published: September 1st, 2011
My Copy: from author
Rating:Paw RatingPaw RatingPaw RatingPaw Rating

As the first female vampire successfully turned in 700 years, Lissa finds herself in demand by the Vampire Aristocracy. Forced into an unexpected engagement as a result, Lissa feels trapped and stifled as she continues training with her surrogate sire. When a request comes from the Grand Master of the werewolves, Weldon Harper, Lissa leaps at the opportunity to work as his bodyguard once more.

Wlodek, Head of the Vampire Council, in an effort to solidify vampire/werewolf relations, allows Lissa to provide protection for the Grand Master during his yearly travels across the U.S. The only vampire ever named Pack, Lissa is permitted to work with the Grand Master without supervision from others of her kind.

Things become complicated and then downright deadly as old enemies reemerge. Intent on exacting revenge for a failed coup against the Grand Master, rogue werewolves join with new and perilous allies. Now, Lissa must find a way not only to keep the werewolf race alive, but the vampires as well.

Connie Suttle is definitely getting into the author groove of things in Blood Passage, her second book. She made a few noticeable tweaks after Blood Wager and I found this book to be a much smoother read. The only thing that a struggled with was the lack of a refresher on the events that occurred in the previous installment. I read it back in September so a few of the details were a little blurry. This series is meant to be read back-to-back but that’s not always possible for those of us with ginormous TBR piles! I won’t make the same mistake twice though; especially after the cliff-hanger ending. Be warned, it’s a doozy!

The first novel had a few sad moments but this one is downright devastating! You’d think becoming an immortal vamp with mind boggling preternatural abilities would make you feel invincible. Lissa’s life spirals completely out of control and she has no one to turn to. I just wanted to reach into the pages and give her a great big hug. Everyone seems to be using her for their own benefit. She’s like a lowly chess pawn that keeps getting chucked in front of the heartless queen. But, by no means is she weak. That’s what I found the most frustrating about the whole story. Lissa’s quickly turning into one of the most powerful vamps her race has ever seen. I don’t think she realizes yet that she doesn’t have to take all of the crap that’s being thrown her way. I hope that she grabs the bull by the horns soon and unleashes a can of whoop ass on all of these fools!

Lissa can’t even find solace in the arms of Gavin, her future husband. He has a few good moments but those are mostly overshadowed by his possessiveness and quick temper. I wanted to strangle him for the majority of this story. I know that he genuinely cares for her but he really needs to work on his relationship skills. Gavin may mean well but for the most part he comes across as a complete ass***! I hope he either smartens up or that Lissa dumps his undead butt! Besides, it’s not like there’s not a line-up around the block of suitors ready and willing to take his place. News flash buddy! You’re going to blow the best thing that’s ever happened to you if you don’t change your attitude and start treating Lissa like the precious treasure she is.

Connie warned me about the ending and after reading the last page of Blood Passage I am beyond grateful that she was generous enough to provide me with a review copy of Blood Sense. Her forward thinking saved me from having to beg! The Blood Destiny series is ideal for both werewolf and vampire fans alike. Blood Passage will keep you up late into the night reading, bring you to tears and then leave you wanting more. With a $0.99 price tag, you can’t afford NOT to read this series!

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  1. This sounds great. I was reminded of Elena from Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. She’s the only female werewolf so very like Lissa in that regard.