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Holiday Foreplay @ Rabid Reads

Please join me in welcoming fellow Canadian, Lawna Mackie, to the blog! Lawna is celebrating the holidays with her first book! It’s a novella called Quinn’s Christmas Wish and has been available since December 1st.

Lawna Mackie Author Bio

I have always believed in fairy tales and when I got tired of the old ones I made up my own. Each story would have a hero and heroine, but they were anything but typical.

I devoured my first romance novel when I was a teenager. I couldn’t read them fast enough. Years later I stumbled across my first paranormal romance…an injustice would be done if I tried to explain my joy when I found this genre of romance. My passion was finally in print.

Now, with the help of my bizarre dreams and crazy imagination, I have started to write and intend to share my stories with you. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

I am truly blessed. My husband and my animals are my inspiration. We live on a small acreage in Didsbury, Alberta, with our most beloved companions, Dozer, Daisy and Mandarin.

Happy reading everyone, I sure would love to hear from you.

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Save the Wolf

The wolf, Jazira, in QUINN’S CHRISTMAS WISH has special meaning for me. I thought I’d share why with you.

When I was young, my father came home one day to let us know that he’d purchased a trap line. Now, I consider myself a HUGE animal lover. Always have and always will. Needless to say his news devastated me, and I wanted nothing to do with it (hard to do when you’re a child without much say).

Unfortunately, time went on and so did the activities on the trap line. Every weekend I prayed the traps would be empty. One particular weekend just before Christmas, my parents decided we would go spend time at our trap line cabin. This is a very rustic cabin to say the least. I decided to bring my best friend along. Quading was a big thing for us back then.

Before I headed out, my father lectured me about the Timber Wolf trap he had set along the trail I would pass by. I didn’t pay much attention because THANK HEAVENS I’d never come across anything in the trap before.

So off my friend and I went, cruising along the trail, carefree and having fun. It all ended when I rounded a corner and there in my path stood the largest black wolf I’d ever seen. I slammed on my brakes skidding to a halt not more than 30 feet away from the giant animal. He was caught by the toe in the trap. Our eyes locked and my heart broke. I will never forget that moment…I wish I could. My girlfriend was screaming and clinging to the back of me terrified the wolf would eat us.

I promptly slammed the quad into reverse and pressed on the throttle. Well, I backed up over a large bush and high centered my machine. We quickly got unstuck and took off back the way we’d come. The whole way I prayed silently that the wolf would pull himself free because I knew the fate of the poor creature.

When I got back to the cabin I told my father. I begged him to leave the wolf. Still to this day

Malamute Puppy

I’m unable to forgive myself. If only I could have kept it secret. I cried for months and even remembering it now brings tears to my eyes. How I wished I could bring him back to life, then when I started writing this novella, I pretended I was, and I did. For me this wolf lives in Jazira.

I have always loved wolves and now I have Alaskan Malamutes, which are the closest domestic animals I can find to a real wolf. I’ve attached a photo of my giant Alaskan Malamute Dozer.I’d love to hear your comments and if you haven’t had a chance to read QUINN’S CHRISTMAS WISH, visit my website for details.

I know I’m prejudice, but it really is a heartwarming story…perfect for Christmas!

The Novella

Quinn's Christmas Wish cover
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As far as twelve-year old Quinn is concerned Christmas has lost its magic. Since his father’s death life has lost its sparkle. His mom is now a widow struggling to put food on the table. Quinn is no help, and the mysterious illness afflicting him only makes things worse. Even Christmas, complete with decorated trees, ribbons and bows has no meaning…then along comes Jazira.

Jazira doesn’t know what happened to her former self, the eleven-year old little girl. She drowned, didn’t she, along with half the other folk of Bandit Creek in 1911? Somehow, she’s grown four furry legs complimented with a large wolf head and body. Scared and alone, she reaches out to Quinn and a strong bond is formed. Jazira learns Quinn, and his mother, are threatened by a wealthy powerful citizen of Bandit Creek. She is determined to protect her new family, no matter what.

Christmas Eve finds Quinn staring up at the adorned tree and muttering a quiet prayer. Will the Spirits of Christmas grant his wish, or will the evil surrounding Bandit Creek prevail once again?

Coming Soon!
IMPOSSIBLE TO HOLD – December 19, 2011, Liquid Silver Books
ENCHANTMENT – January 13, 2012, Muse It Up Publishing

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Lawna is giving away an eCopy of Quinn’s Christmas Wish to one lucky winner! International. Please read my Giveaway Policy before entering.

CLOSED: Winners

What’s your fav dog breed and why?

I’m also an Alaskan Malamute owner for the same reason as Lawna is: they’re the most wolf-like. My dog Sasha, has a bit of Husky too. She’s going on 7 years old now so I’ve posted a puppy pic and a recent one to amp-up the cuteness factor. 😉 My baby is just loving all of the white stuff that we’ve been getting lately!

Sasha PuppySasha

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I review Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance books with a focus all things werewolf. Based out of Ottawa, Canada

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Owner, designer and main blogger behind Rabid Reads. Avid book reader, snowboard bunny, video gamer and Supernatural fan. I love all things paranormal, werewolves especially. Oh, and I’m Canadian, eh!

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35 responses to “Holiday Foreplay with Lawna Mackie

  1. What wonderful pups! I’m so glad you are a malamute lover also. I hope you enjoyed my post. I have a blog post for tomorrow that you’ll love 🙂


  2. I have a Chocolate Lab that is about to turn 5, and keeps us on our toes every day! We have three children, but it might as well be four!

  3. I also love labs, and animals in general. Labs are great with children from what I hear. We are very fortunate to have critters in our lives. Thanks for sharing Edward.

  4. Loved your blog about the wolf–very heartfelt. It certainly explains why you wrote the novella. I happened to have read it as well. Made me teary. Well done.

    I love animals, too. As for dogs, I like a cross. Border Collies are my favorites, with a little something else mixed in.

  5. I have a Chihuahua. Of course, I’m biased but he definitely has the cutest face in the world! I don’t think I could have any other breed. I’m addicted.

  6. Na

    I recently heard about the Bandit Creek series and I think it’s wonderful to have so many authors contributing to it and that this series really has a bit of everything. Paranormal, mystery, and contemporary. Lawna, your story sounds great!

    My favorite dog breed is a golden retriever. They are intelligent, loyal and calm. I’ve never had one but this is the breed I want 🙂


  7. It is great how people have there favorite breeds! I don’t think there is any animal I don’t like…except I’m not fond of monkeys!

    The Bandit Creek books are wonderful. There’s a bit of everything for everyone. I hope you’ll read Quinn’s Christmas Wish and do let me know what you think. It’s available in both print and ebook 🙂

  8. @Lawna Mackie – Sad but great post Lawena. I’ll look for you tomorrow!

    @Edward Kent – We treat our babies like family too. 🙂

    @Roxy Boroughs – I can understand why you picked Border Collies. Great dogs!

    @Sarah L. Blair – Hehe aren’t we all biased when it comes to our dogs? 😉

    @Amanda Bonilla – Thanks for stopping by!

    @Na – I’ve always wanted a dog that fetched… Haven’t had much luck with our lab, maybe a retriever is in our future!

    @Norah Wilson – It was a pretty awesome post. Lawna did an excellent job!

  9. My favorite breed is a dachsund/chihuahua mix, a chiweenie, because that’s what kind of puppy I have!! Your book sounds awesome and I would love to read it:)

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  10. This is the best blog post ever. I hope you’ll vist me tomorrow for the continuing post. It’s another wolf story.

    Julie I’ve never heard of that type of mix. Sounds adorable. Well you’re all animal lovers so you’d all love Quinn’s Christmas Wish.

  11. Loved your blog, brought back memories and tears. I too love ALL animals but especially the magical wolf. When young (long long long time ago LOL) my dad owned a wolf/dog cross he had to keep it caged, and that made me so sad but I never forgot the look in his eyes -so wise, -so intense.

    My dog Babe a shepard/rotti cross just passed away last summer at 17yrs old. I miss her so! I still have her side kick Dusty (now 10 yrs old) a chihauhau X jack russell. My favorite breed,I can’t say – they all give unconditional love to their owners so I guess my favorite would – them all. 🙂

  12. DJL

    This sounds like such a great Christmas read! 🙂 I have to say my favorite breed is the Tamaskan because it looks just like a wolf only without any wolf in its genetics. When my beau and I settle down for good, this will be the dog we get. Thanks for having the great giveaway!


  13. Loved the read and also really enjoyed the comments from everyone. Sitting here with my golden Big Mo across my feet. Ally and I bought dog food for our city shelter using some book money from a kids book I wrote about Big Mo. He was a rescue. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone.

  14. How I’ve loved everyone’s post. Yes, unfortunately the post was a bit sad. Tomorrow it will be a bit happier :-)and also about a wolf in my life.

    Sandi you are so right!!! Wolves have haunting eyes…but so beautiful. Makes me tear up just thinking about it.

    DJL I’ve never heard of a Tamaskan! I’m going to search the web right away. I hope you’ll like QUINN’S CHRISTMAS WISH. I think you will.

    Kent I love the name Big Mo, and wonderful that you rescued him.

    Pets always love us know matter what we do to them, or for them. Their love is unconditional…If the world could be that way it would be a much better place.

  15. I have a mastiff, so that is my favorite dog. She is a big dog, very protective, and very loveable. She sometimes does not understand that she is a big dog. She gets up on the bed and takes over half of it up. Not very comfortable to sleep.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. That’s funny Chris. My Dozer is like that. They don’t know what size they are, he often tries to curl up on my lap, but he can’t quite figure out why he doesn’t fit.

    I love Mastiff’s also.

  17. Thank you for the wonderful post as it is so close to my heart as the wolves are the treasured animal to my heart. You know living here in Alaska is always a fine line between those who love them or hate them. And when we bought our property north of Fairbanks on our mountain that we ran across trap lines that were placed by someone strewn about the acreage. My DH was enraged and quickly hunted down each one and disabled them and post our mere 10 acres quite clearly that trespassers would be dealt with swiftly.
    I love German Sheppards as they have a special place in my heart. They are sweet nature d and good family dogs.
    But we haev 3 small barkies who have claimed us. One is a full Pomeranian who is a black furred and territorial, and we named him “Wolf” for his cuteness and determination. The other 2 are Cairn Terrier/Pomeranian mix, and both are only 4 pounds soaking wet… Too smart for their own good, and little lo-vies through and through….*S*
    Thank you for the contest and looking forward to read more of your books…..*S*


  18. Hey Brenda, you aren’t alone with your pick of favorite dogs. I think Labrador retrievers are close to the top for the large breeds.

    I can’t imagine what my life would be like without animals. It makes me want to cry.

    Darcy…loved your post also. Trapping is a hard life. My father is almost 83 now and I can tell you he doesn’t seem like the same guy who use to run the line. Maybe it was the alcohol he use to drink.

    You know I also saw the native families who did this for a living and I understand. It was how they lived. They wore the hides and ate the meat. I still would never be able to do it…I’m sure I’d freeze to death first. All animals are precious in my life and I know I was meant to write about them. They are my greatest joy.

    Oh I also have a Bichon Shih Tzu named Daisy and a Bengal cat named Mandarin 🙂

  19. I have my neighbor’s dog as my foster dog, because she has problems to walk since her knee surgery. Sam is now 1 1/4 years old and is a Golden Retriever. Never met a dog before that wants to cuddle as much as him. I really love Alaskan Malamutes, because they look like little wolves

  20. Like your name “Dannyfiredragon!”

    You know it’s hard to choose what type of dog wouldn’t be a person’s favorite, but I think if that happens you just know it in your heart.

    What could a person want more than to cuddle with a giant furry dog who just wants to love you? I think nothing. You were lucky Sam wanted to cuddle with you 🙂

    Thanks so much for the post.

  21. My favorite dog breed is a keeshound , they are so beautiful and have a sweet disposition- plus this is the very first dog I had when I was little. I remember Joshua fondly.


  22. I love the color of the Keeshound. They kind of look like an American Eskimo but with more colors.

    Sorry for your loss. I don’t think it matters whether it has been one day, one year or 10 years. The loss never really goes away.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Thanks for the giveaway !

    My favourite dog breed is a beagle !!They look so adorable and their eyes look so innocent ! Once, I went to a pet shop and I saw a toy poodle fighting with a beagle . The toy poodle kept biting the beagle’s tail and the beagle couldn’t escape as they are both closed in a cage .I felt really sad to see the beagle struggling and barking 🙁 I sought help from the shop assistant but she didn’t really bother me . She gave them a glance and said “oh” then returned to the cashier to continue her work 🙁 When I returned home , I google-ed it and realised that it was a form of competition between dogs as they wanted to choose who the leader is . I felt really sad and I loved the dog very much but unfortunately I couldn’t bring it home as my apartment doesn’t allow dogs 🙁


  24. Hi Gwen!

    I think I would have been upset at the sight of the two fighting like that in such close quarters.

    My girlfriend has a beagle named Cypress. They are great companions and adorable with their long ears. Good for you to know that an apartment isn’t a proper place for a dog. I hope someday you will have one, you sound like you’d be a very good animal lover!

    Thanks for the comment!

  25. I have always loved Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds. I prefer large dogs over small ones. If I wanted a small pet, I’d choose a cat over a dog! If I was to get a dog, it would be one of the large breeds. With our colder climate, a husky would be well suited.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC Darlene
    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  26. Your story is so sad! I think it was awful, but you were just a kid. I love wolves, and I hope one day I can have a big house to have a Husky. I think it’s my favorite, but I love all dogs. And cats…*animal lover*

    magabygc at