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Holiday Foreplay @ Rabid Reads

I’m thrilled that Joyce Lamb agreed to stop by the blog and participate in my Holiday Foreplay event! It’s a big day for her! She’s just wrapping up her True Trilogy today with the release of the final book, True Shot.

Hi Joyce! 🙂

Joyce Lamb Author Bio

I started writing as a teenager, plunking my dad’s electric typewriter on my bedroom floor and pounding away at it in my jams. I’d just finished reading Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon and found the unhappy ending inspiring. So, naturally, I decided to write romance novels, where the ending is guaranteed to be happy. You can’t imagine how relieved I am that you will never, ever read that first novel, which was edited using scissors and rubber cement. At least the fumes were good.

True Vision, the first in my True trilogy — Truelogy! — won a Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in single title romantic suspense from the Kiss of Death chapter of RWA. True Vision was also awarded the HOLT Medallion for Best Book by a Virginia Author from the Virginia Romance Writers.

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I wish that life was more like romance novels

Hi, Rabid Reads readers! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your Holiday Foreplay (love that title!) Christmas event.

My newest release, True Shot, is out today. Woo hoo! True Shot is the third in my True trilogy (True-logy) that began with True Vision and True Colors. To celebrate its release and the holidays, I want to share my Christmas wish list with you.

My main wish is this: I wish that life was more like romance novels. There are five parts to that wish:

5 I wish that I would never wake up with morning breath or the urgent need to run to the restroom.
In romance novels, the hero and heroine never wake up in the morning with bad breath or a full bladder. They almost always become conscious in an instantly amorous mood, which I admit isn’t tough for a guy, and that usually leads to more fooling around — before anyone brushes his or her teeth or visits the loo. Not that I want them to wake up cranky and trying not to breathe too close to each other’s faces. That would just be … ew. And if they did, they wouldn’t be in a romance novel.
4 I wish I always had the perfect comeback.
Don’t you hate it when you have a super intense conversation with someone only to think of the perfect response hours later? That never happens in romance novels. When the characters argue or joke around or just plain converse, they always manage to say exactly what they mean in exactly the right way. Writers have the advantage of going back over a scene and making dialogue snappier, but we don’t get to do that in real life – no matter how much we rethink what we said (or didn’t say).
3 I wish that the good guys would always win.
One of the most satisfying things in a romance novel is knowing that no matter how tough things get for the hero and heroine, they’ll get their happy ever after in the end. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that no matter what kind of trials you go through in real life, you’ll eventually get what you want? And that jerk who’s intent on making your life miserable won’t? OK, maybe that’s not the most Christian attitude, but it’d still be kinda satisfying. I’m not ashamed to admit it.
2 I wish that sex was as good between the sheets as it is between the pages.
I mean, really. When was the last time you had five orgasms during one love-making session? Or that your lover spent an hour giving you endless happies before he let himself have his happy? Imagine how much more relaxed everyone would be if sex in real life were the way it is in romance novels. No more road rage!
And the No. 1 most important part of my overall wish:

1 I wish that everyone would find their one true love.
This would be just plain awesome. In a perfect world, this would mean no divorce, no broken homes and no cheating spouses. I suppose divorce lawyers would have to find new jobs, but if they found their one true loves, they’d be too happy to care anyway.

So that’s my Christmas wish list. What’s on your wish list?


Joyce is pulling out all of the stops today and is offering up all T-H-R-E-E books in her True Trilogy! Not only that but it’s open internationally! Talk about spoiling you guys and gals! Please read my Giveaway Policy before entering.

CLOSED: Winners

True Vision cover

Buy From: Amazon.comTBDB&N Icon

Newspaper reporter Charlie Trudeau is living an ordinary life, until witnessing a fatal hit-and-run accident gives her an intense psychic power she has no clue how to handle—and brings a Chicago police detective to her doorstep…

Noah Lassiter wants nothing more than to find the driver who killed his good friend. But his only lead is the beautiful Charlie Trudeau, who gets prickly when he starts nosing around town. Charlie’s clearly hiding something, but Noah needs her help unraveling the mystery of his friend’s death—even if the electricity between them complicates things.

But the more Noah and Charlie uncover, the more they realize they’re looking for a desperate killer—and the more danger they’re in. And if Charlie can’t gain control over her psychic powers, they may not survive long enough to explore the full sizzling potential of their desire…

True Colors cover

Buy From: Amazon.comTBDB&N Icon

Alex Trudeau has everything she ever wanted. She takes pictures for the local paper, she’s rescued a family of mutts, and hot police detective John Logan has finally asked her out. But then a near-death experience unearths an intense psychic ability she never knew she had…

John Logan moved to Lake Avalon, Florida, to escape a lifetime of hardship. When his darkest secret comes to town with revenge in mind, Logan lands the woman of his dreams in a serial killer’s crosshairs…

With their lives on the line and Alex’s hallucinatory flashes dragging her deeper into the twisted mind of a maniac, Logan and Alex face the ultimate test. The tension is electric, but to survive they’ll have to look more than skin-deep—they just might not like everything they find…

True Shot cover

Buy From: Amazon.comTBDB&N Icon

Samantha Trudeau has spent the past ten years using her intense psychic abilities to put bad guys behind bars. She’s always believed she’s one of the good guys, until fellow spy and best friend Zoe reveals a shocking secret about who they’ve really been working for. When Zoe’s gunned down, Sam goes on the run, because now her employer is coming after her. With no one to turn to for help, she flees to the only place she thinks she’ll be safe.

Journalist Mac Hunter has had a rough year. At the insistence of his good friends, sisters Charlie and Alex Trudeau, he’s going to crash at their family cabin for some much-needed rest and relaxation. But when he arrives he’s stunned to find the third Trudeau sister, Sam, wounded and unconscious on the cabin floor. Things go from bizarre to dangerous when men with guns show up.

Now, Sam and Mac are on the run together, trying to outsmart a demented government agent who has sadistic plans for Sam. As the heat builds between them, her past threatens their very survival. This unlikely duo — a man who uses words to fight his battles and a woman who’d rather use a Glock — are in for the fight of their lives. And in their growing partnership, perhaps they’ll have a true shot at love.

Thanks for stopping by Joyce and for the laughs your wishlist induced! Good luck to those entering the giveaway!

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53 responses to “Holiday Foreplay with Joyce Lamb

  1. On my wishlist? Well, not to spend Christmas alone, if possible with Jason Momoa and/or Chris Hemsworth. 😉 LOL. I also wish for everyone to find their true love.

    Thanks for the intl chance!!

  2. i wish my brother will finish his depression and find a job
    i wish my mother will recover completly

    i wish all the best to all i love ( dog and cats included)

    and a bit shelfish.. i wish to win a lot of giveaways/contest to able to discover more new author and series

    thanks you for this great international giveaway

  3. Great post! I totally wish I had the perfect comeback at just the right moment. But, unfortunately, I always think of them hours (sometimes days) later!

  4. Hi, Kah_cherub!
    Ohhh … Christmas with Chris Hemsworth?!??! I’m so there!!!
    I wouldn’t refuse to spend Christmas with Gerard Butler, either. Yum.
    Thanks for saying hi!

  5. Hi, miki!
    I wish all of those things for your loved ones, too — and even the giveaway one. What’s selfish about that? Books take you away from the dreary stuff and give you time to escape for a while — which is important!
    Thanks for commenting! And good luck with everything.

  6. Hi, Amanda!
    I’m pretty quick on my feet, but I always manage to think of something WAY better later. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a remote control for life so you could rewind to those moments … wait, that wouldn’t work. I don’t want to REPLAY them, I want to fix them. Hmmm, must rethink remote control idea. : )
    Thanks for saying hi!

  7. Hi, Victoria!
    I remember 19 … sorta. I hope your boys are enjoying life as much as I did at that age! : )
    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Hi, Julie S!
    I’m so sorry your hubby doesn’t have a job. I hope he finds one soon — seems that things might be looking up finally. Fingers crossed!!
    Thanks for stopping in!

  9. I wish that people would realize there IS someone out there for them, but sometimes the journey is damn hard. I was almost 30 before I met my husband– and it was rough. I can honestly say the years after finding him have made up for those other times:)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. Na

    I wish for good health and prosperity for my family and peace in the world.

    Thank you for a generous giveaway Joyce and congratulations on the relese of True Shot.

  11. I really wish me and my hubby could go somewhere romantic and fun, which depends on the money situation, but we haven’t gone out properly for the most of the year and I miss it.

  12. Love this blog, and what a great interview!
    My wish for Christmas is so selfish – I want a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet so I can read at a better and more comfortable voracious rate than I can at my computer, LOL.
    Happy Holidays!
    Gena Robertson

  13. Hi, Brenda Hyde!
    Congratulations on finding your someone!!!! If you happen to see mine out there somewhere, could you give him my number? : )
    Thanks for saying hi!

  14. I wish my husband didn’t have to work so hard, since he and our roommate are covering the bills while I’m in grad school.

    Happy holidays! And thank you for the generous giveaway. 🙂

  15. Hi, kara-karina!
    I hope you get to do that, too. It’s not right that you’ve gone so long without a romantic getaway with your hubs. Good luck!

  16. Hi, Gina!
    Authors wouldn’t see that wish as selfish at all — the faster you read, the more books we can sell you. : ) So maybe I’m the selfish one!
    Here’s hoping you get your wish soon!

  17. My wish is pretty much simple.
    That me and my family have a better year next year and everyone stays healthy and happy! =)
    Also that me and my boyfriend can get a place together =)

  18. @Kah_cherub – No one should be alone for Xmas!

    @miki – Those are all great wishes. I hope Santa is good to you.

    @Amanda Bonilla – Me too!

    @Joyce Lamb – Thanks for the love! 🙂

    @Victoria – I hear ya, great wish!

    @Julie S – I’m sorry to hear that. The job market is tough… *fingers crossed*

    @Christina @ Twin Dragons – You’re not alone there…

    @DL Thomas – That’s like the perfect wish! Good luck!

    @Brenda Hyde – Very inspiring comment. Thanks!

    @Stephanie – Interesting wish. Good luck!

    @Na – Way to dream big. I like it. 🙂

    @marybelle – Well said!

    @kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews – I’m thinking about taking a vacay myself soon.

    @Sofija Kapranova – 2012 will be the year! I can feel it! 😉

    @Gena – I wish that the Kindle Fire or Nook were available in Canada. 🙁

    @Randi – It’ll all be worth it in the end; I’m sure.

    @Lisa Richards/alterlisa – I wish that for everyone.

    @BooksforCompany – Great wishes Jodie!

  19. Lots of things come in mind..!
    First I wish health for everyone, the most important thing of all!
    Then I wish I can finally find a job!
    And finally I wish that I’ll keep discovering more and more great new books!

    Happy Holidays to everyone 🙂


  20. I was lucky to find my one true love at a young age. I know that he is the one and only for me, forever. So my wish is the same as yours for everyone to find their one true love!

  21. Maybe it’s selfish but I really want to finish my dissertation so I’m hoping Christmas will inspire me to get it done!

  22. I wish my family the very best and much love and that I miss them so much.

    Now the not so serious I would love to find Alexander Skarsgard under my tree ;).

  23. On my wishlist:

    For my two boys to stop fighting for 20 minutes

    My husband to get some well needed vacation time

    My grandparents to have another year with us and improved health

    my son’s upcoming surgery to go smoothly

  24. I wish my parent’s a safe flight out of New York this week. Don’t want them to miss out on all the great family time coming up.

    Happy Holidays

  25. I think this is probably going to sound silly, but I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half now and all I want for christmas is for him to say he loves me. We’ve been dancing around the issue for months now. But that’s what I want. 🙂

  26. Great Christmas wishlist! I have to say all of it is so true and something I have wished for:) As far as my more realistic wishlist… I just wish to spend some quality time with my family and enjoy the season for what it really means. Thanks for the awesome giveaway & Happy Holidays!!!

  27. ohh my ultimate wishlist is to find a great a house..
    on my wishlist regarding life in comparison to romance novels?? it seems the men never leave the toilet seat up in the books.. lol

    and these books look SO good i would love to win them! thanks for the opportunity!

  28. The top of my Christmas List is for my kids to go 10 minutes without fighting, LOL!

    Peace on Earth, is that one too big?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC Darlene
    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  29. Great post and great list! Always enjoy meeting new authors! Just a few more books for my TBR pile! I couldn’t agree more with the list, but if I could have one, I think it would be to finally put pen to paper, so to speak, and get my novel going! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Haha! I love the wish list! I’m with you on the morning breath and restroom-run. Sometimes I think that if it wasn’t for my bladder, I wouldn’t wake up at all.

    My wish would be to successfully (and painlessly) complete my Masters year and qualify and be done with my studying so that I can finally live my life:)

    Happy New Year!