Holiday Foreplay with Faith Hunter

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Holiday Foreplay @ Rabid Reads

Hi Faith! Welcome to Rabid Reads! Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series is pushing 4 installments. The latest, Raven Cursed, is scheduled for January 3rd, 2011 so stay tuned!

Faith Hunter Author Bio

Faith Hunter writes dark urban fantasy: Skinwalker series, featuring Jane Yellowrock with Skinwalker, Blood Cross, and Mercy Blade, and Raven Cursed in 2012. Her Rogue Mage novels, a dark, urban fantasy series—Bloodring, Seraphs, and Host—feature Thorn St. Croix, a stone mage in a post-apocalyptic, alternate reality.

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Christmas Shopping for Vamps
(From Beast’s Point Of View)

       Jane dresses in black dress with little skirt, with red trim, like lace of blood. Hair in long braid hanging down back, like big-cat tail, like black panther. On Jane’s feet are shoes with tall heels. Jane is wobbly. Wearing prey clothes.
       I watch from the dark place in her mind, my den. Jane should shift into Beast for this hunt, so Jane would be safe. Jane needs killing teeth.
       But Jane is not silly kit, and does smart hunter thing. Straps killing claw to each leg, long knives for killing vampires. Shoves silver stakes into hair. Smears color of blood on mouth, color that says to world, “Jane is killer. See blood of my prey.”
       Still… I do not like it when Jane is alpha. Do not like it when Jane will not shift and hunt.
       Jane sticks cross into her pocket—pouch like opossum has, but not for young—lined with stinky metal. And I/we leave Jane-den. To go dancing. Looking like prey, but really hunter, predator, killer.
       Walks to bar where band plays and humans drink strong drink to forget pain, and dance, mating rituals for lonely humans. Beast thinks humans are looking for someone to make small pack with and love. Looking for mates.
       Jane dances, moving like cat in heat, letting her scent wash through warm air, to vampire noses, who watch her like prey. She looks like prey, looks weak and harmless, hiding weapons. Vampires want to drink from her. Jane wants to kill them.
       Band plays Christmas music. Ca-rols. With Island reggae beat. I like it.
       One vampire moves across dance floor to Jane. Tall male—taller than Jane—with short red hair, sticking out like porcupine quills, takes her hand and twirls her into dance move, pulling her under his arm. He is pretty, for a vampire, skin flushed and pink.
       Vampire likes her scent, presses his nose into her neck, sniffing, breathing, heart beating. Vampire is old and drunk on blood. Naturaleza vampire, has killed to drink his fill. Outlaw.
       Jane smiles, and lets some of Beast into her eyes. I help Jane dance, cat grace and cat slink are better than primate moves. Jane moves like snake, body full of promise. Vampire puts his hands on Jane. She whirls away.
       Vampire leads Jane outside, into dark, heart beating faster. He has predator movements and sex pheromones. Wants to mate with Jane and drink her dry. Vampire pulls Jane down alley, under trees. I/we smell human blood. He has killed here before. Tonight. Outlaw-killer-vampire must die. Will not follow law.
       Jane laughs and teases vampire—all cat now—still dancing. She slides hand under skirt. Pulls vamp-killer blade. Is ready.
       Vampire vamps-out. Rushes Jane.
       Jane pivots on tall shoes, all cat balance and cat speed. Whirls, arm out, blade glittering. And takes Vampire head. She leaps away as body falls, vampire blood pumping out. Watches to make sure vampire dies. Then cleans claw-blade on his clothes and sheaths it. Jane is good hunter.
       Jane pulls cell phone and takes picture of head, showing fangs, and sends it to Bruiser with note that says, “Merry Christmas to me. You & Leo owe me $20,000.”
       Then she sends GPS to have body picked up, and alley cleaned up.
       Jane picks up vampire head and walks into night, humming song. My Favorite Things. I chuff with laughter. Shopping with Jane is fun.

Merry Christmas!
Faith Hunter, Jane Yellowrock, and Beast
Copyright by Faith Hunter, 2011

The Book

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The vampires of Asheville, North Carolina, want to establish their own clan, but since they owe loyalty to the Master Vampire of New Orleans they must work out the terms with him. To come up with an equitable solution, he sends an envoy with the best bodyguard blood money can buy: Jane Yellowrock.

But when a group of local campers are attacked by something fanged, Jane goes from escort to investigator. Unless she wants to face a very angry mast vampire, she will have to work overtime to find the killer. It’s a good thing she’s worth every penny.


Faith is giving away a pair of hand-crafted earrings (sterling hoop, silver plate and smokey quartz beads, with a metal leaf) to one of my lucky followers. International. Please read my Giveaway Policy before entering.

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14 responses to “Holiday Foreplay with Faith Hunter

  1. @Victoria – It’s not an excerpt; it’s a short story written just for this event. Good luck in the giveaway!

  2. I LOVE this short from Beast’s POV–SO good. Thank you so much:) The observations are the best part.

    Merry Christmas!

    wayfaringwriter at gmail dot com

  3. I love the Jane Yellowrock series! Thanks for the holiday killing treat!

    love Beast – can’t wait til Raven Cursed comes out!

  4. @Brenda Jean – I know!! Faith did an amazing job!

    @Amanda Bonilla – Yup! Your post might have competition! 😉

    @Victoria – Good luck!

    @Gena – It’s not an excerpt but I’m sure the books are just as good!

    @Pabkins – I’ve added Faith’s books to my list. Now if I can just find time to read them…

  5. I’m a day behind but catching up…*S*
    The book looks & sounds so very goo1 I’ve added to my gotta have list rightnow.
    The earrings are beautiful…I so love loops as it’s all I wear anymore these days…*S*
    I love Faith’s books, and always look forward to reading them…*S*

    Thank you for the Blog tour!


  6. pretty pretty earrings!!
    i love these books! cant wait to get my greedy little hands on the new one!!

    alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

  7. Wow! Love the excerpt! Recently won a giveaway in which I had to choose between Raven Cursed and The Bitter Seed of Magic by Suzanne McLeod (both books in sequels in series I hadn’t started. I chose The Bitter Seed of Magic because I’d heard high praise for that series *hides face*. After reading this short story, I’m wishing I’d chosen Raven Cursed instead (of course, I’m sure I’ll enjoy The Bitter Seed of Magic as well). Jane sounds like a very interesting character!:)