Holiday Foreplay with Casey Daniels

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Holiday Foreplay @ Rabid Reads

Hi Casey! I’m so happy that you agreed to participate in my Holiday Foreplay event! I know you must be busy what with the holiday season fast approaching and the release of your newest book, Wild Wild Death, on January 3rd. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Casey Daniels Author Bio

I learned to love mysteries early thanks to my dad, a Cleveland Police detective who enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories and spent his days off searching for stolen cars. Often on those trips, I was in the back seat and to this day, I have Dad to thank for my knowledge of some less-than-savory parts of the city. Later, I read my way through every mystery story I could get my hands on. Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle are still among my favorites.

I have a degree in English, experience as a journalist and writing teacher, and lots of ideas for more Pepper Martin mysteries. When I’m not writing, I’m usually with my family and our two dogs, Ernie, an adorable Airedale pup, and Oscar, a rescued Jack Russell who spends far too much time watching TV. I enjoy knitting, gardening and of course, stomping through cemeteries in search of history, stories and inspiration.

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Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Don’t believe a word of it. I mean, really, you’re going to listen to a bunch of strangers? Instead of me, Pepper Martin?

Come on, Santa. You know I’ve done a lot of good in my time. After all, I’m the world’s only private investigator for the dead. Not that I’m happy about it or anything. Still, you can’t deny I’ve helped plenty of spirits move on to wherever it is they go when they leave here. And found justice for every single one of them.

After all that, you’re going to hold my little adventure to the great Southwest against me?

OK, yeah, all right . . . I did steal a body from a mausoleum at Garden View Cemetery where I used to work. And yes, it was the body of Chester Goodshot Gomez, a famous Indian who once starred in Wild West shows and back in the 1800s, died in Cleveland and was buried here.

But I can explain!

I have this friend named Dan, you see, and Dan, he got himself kidnaped. The bad guys told me that the only way I could keep Dan alive was if I dug up Goodshot and took him (well, his bones, anyway) to New Mexico.

Sounds simple enough. Except that Goodshot’s ghost came along for the ride and I ended up liking the guy and feeling bad about what I was doing with his earthly remains. And then the bones got stolen and bodies started dropping like presents down the chimney!

Honest, Santa, you can’t blame me for any of that. In fact, if you need to find out what really happened and how I did my best, you can read all about it in “Wild, Wild Death.” The book won’t hit bookstore shelves until January 3, and yes, I know that’s after the holidays, but trust me, it will explain everything. You’ll see that I’ve been very good, and I really do deserve that pair of delicious cowboy boots I’ve asked you to bring.

Thank you, Santa, and Merry Christmas.

Pepper Martin

PS, that whole thing about Jesse Alvarez, the tribal police chief I met out in New Mexico and us being naughty together . . . just pretend you didn’t read that part!


Casey is giving away one copy of Wild Wild Death to one lucky follower! US-only. Please read my Giveaway Policy before entering.

Wild Wild Death cover

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Her job has been cut, she’s low on cash, and her detective sometime- boyfriend refuses to even talk about her ability to see the dead and solve their murders. So Pepper is most certainly down for a vacation to get her spirits up. But when her cute scientist friend Dan is kidnapped, Pepper soon stumbles upon another deadly mystery that brings her to New Mexico. And she’s after a clever murderer-one whose idea of Boot Hill has nothing to do with Jimmy Choo.

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  1. I love Casey Daniels’ writing and have several of her books. What an awesome treat for her to share with us today. Thank you for the fun post and for the awesome giveaway opportunity. I would love to read Wild, Wild, Death !