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Holiday Foreplay @ Rabid Reads

Today Caris Roane is stopping by the blog to talk about her upcoming release, Born of Ashes, and to share an excerpt from the book as well. Hi Caris! Thanks for stopping by!

I think that you’re the only author who’s participating that doesn’t have a bio pic! 😉

Author Bio

Caris Roane has published over fifty Regency romance novels and novellas under the pen name, Valerie King. In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance. Having had a long-time love affair with vampires, Caris tackled the paranormal genre and built a unique vampire world based on ascending dimensional earths. Her series is called Guardians of Ascension.

The first novel of the series, Ascension, debuted in January of this year and has been nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer Choice Award for 2011 in the category of Vampire Romance. Burning Skies was released in May, and the third novel, Wings of Fire, hit the shelves in September. Her novella based on the series, Brink of Eternity, released July 12th as a $.99 e-read! And coming soon, January 3, 2012, the fourth installment, Born of Ashes, will bust open the new year. The fifth novel, Obsidian Flame releases on April 24, 2012.

Caris lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two cats, Sebastien and Gizzy.

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For this Holiday Foreplay post, I chose to share with you today the poem that opens chapter one of BORN OF ASHES and a short section that introduces my French hero, Jean-Pierre, from the protagonist’s point-of-view.  Why did I choose this?  Because it’s all foreplay, and I’m sticking with Carmel’s theme!  After the excerpt, I’ve included a couple of thoughts about the holidays!  


I hold him in the palm of my hand,
He presses me to his chest.
His heart thunders through my mind.
Oh, my beloved bleeds for me,
One drop, then another
Until he is spent 
And I am satisfied.

— Collected Poems, Beatrice of Fourth

From Chapter One
        …Fiona finally looked up at Jean-Pierre, something she avoided as much as she could.  The vampire was a pain-in-the-ass, but if she met his gaze, her mind started sinking into a pile of mush and not because of his enthrallment skills but because he was, well, Jean-Pierre.
        He was tall, a beautiful six-five to her five-eleven.  When she wore heels, she matched him so perfectly that her lips reached his neck, so of course she avoided wearing heels.  His eyes were the color of stormy seas, a gray-green-blue.  He had strong cheekbones, reckless long blondish, brownish, curly, wavy hair, which he held back in sculpted scraps of pastel brocades, a leftover affectation from revolutionary France days.  
        But his body was one powerful thrill waiting to happen, a warrior’s body, so muscled, so lean, that her fingers trembled when he was close.  She avoiding touching him, but sometimes in her dreams she would spend hours roving her hands over every solid inch of him.  Every inch of him.
        Worse, however, was that he had a scent that kept her very female body in a state of almost constant arousal, a scent that was completely ridiculous.  He smelled like the best cup of coffee every brewed on the face of two worlds, yet at the same time, that coffee was laced with something so male that even standing here, looking at him, her tongue tingled.
        A smile touched his lips, those full lips with the upper points that were so kissable.  Damn him.  He knew exactly what she was feeling since for him, she had the scent of a French patisserie.  The universe could often show a surprising sense of humor.  They were almost a cliché; coffee and donuts.  Okay, so he said she smelled like light buttery croissants.  Still…

A Note from Caris

I adore this couple more than I can say.  Jean-Pierre, of all my winged warrior vampires, is very tender with his woman, more than most of the warriors.  And Fiona, having served as a blood slave for a hundred and twenty-five years, deserves to be loved by such a man.  

Their story is one of rebirth, as the title suggests.  Each of their lives has in some way been burned to ashes and out of those ashes something new and wonderful is reborn.

 The holidays come at the end of the year as winter approaches.  We consider the events of the year and sometimes those events lead us to savor and express mountains of gratitude.  Other times, the events have ended in one giant bonfire and we’re forced to reasses.  But as the New Year rolls around we begin to rise in a new way, with new hopes and dreams, new resolutions to make the next year better.  We are, in that sense, BORN OF ASHES.

May your holidays be full of magic with as few personal bonfires as possible, and may 2012 be your best year ever!

Today, I’d love to hear your plans for the New Year. Mine include writing a series of Novellas based on Guardians of Ascension as well as a novel set in Regency England under my Valerie King pseudonym! Please leave a comment. I’ll be checking in with you throughout the day and responding to any questions you might have for me!

Caris Roane


The winner of this giveaway has a choice of one of four titles in Caris’ Guardians of Ascension series, as well as a choice of hand-crafted, wing-based earrings! International. Please read my Giveaway Policy before entering.


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Enter a hidden world of winged vampire warriors—and the women they are sworn protect…

For years, she was kept as a human slave—one of seven unwilling “blood donors” for the death vampires who thirst for absolute power. Now, Fiona is a free woman, haunted by her memories of being strapped to a gurney, drained of blood, then revived at the last moment. She lives to avenge her captors—but only one warrior can help her…

Jean-Pierre has lived and fought for over two-hundred years. He knows the triumph of slaying a death vampire, but has never known anything like the feelings that arise when he becomes Fiona’s guardian. Her beauty, her pain, her passion—and her growing power—consume his senses. Now the warrior must draw his sword once more…and fight the gates of hell itself—for love.

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41 responses to “Holiday Foreplay with Caris Roane

  1. Good morning, everyone, especially Carmel’s Canadian subscribers! I’m so happy to be here with you today and I love to chat about ANYTHING! What’s on your mind? Who are your fav authors? How are your holidays going? Or anything about my Guardians of Ascension!

    I’ll be checking in with you throughout the day and responding to your comments.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh, and one more thing! There are no angels here, despite the beautiful wings on the cover! Just vampires who take to the skies! Giving the vamps a pair of wings has been the most fun to write!

    More blessings,

  3. New Years Eve for us is generally a bunch of the family at the house playing board games and eating and drinking ourselves silly.

    I just realized when reading this post that this series was NOT about angels. I’ve kind of avoided it (covers looked like angels, sorry)as
    most of the angel books I’ve read just weren’t as great as the vamp and shifter books I tend to read. WooHoo! That means a whole new series & author for me!

  4. Lisa,
    I’ve decided to start putting a new tagline everywhere: “No angels. Just vampires. With wings!”

    I have to say, my fav paranormals are vamps with shifters a close second! I’ve been in love with vampires for at least a decade and when I approached the para genre, vamps it was! Adding the wings was a surprise. I was writing one day, and this really bad vampire just ended up floating in the air and gliding in a slow circle because of his wings. It was an awesome moment. We’re thinking of re-packaging the series without wings on the covers for exactly the reason you mentioned.

    And BTW, I think you’ll love my warrior vampires: hunky, gorgeous, wounded by centuries of war, and in desperate need of some good strong women…which I give them. *smiling*

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    A mountain of blessings,

  5. Hello Caris, I am very excited for Jean-Pierrre story. My holiday season this year is filled with lots of baking and visiting with family and friends. I am expecting my first child so we are busy getting everything ready for her arrival. Hope you have an amazing christmas and a fantastic New Year.


  6. Caris, you should definitely have that tagline LOL Now I’m very curious about vampires with wings which are not bat-like 🙂
    We’re spending Christmas on our own, me and my hubby, but New Year will be spent with the family. They’ve ordered my meringues cake which was a total success last year, so I’ll have to cook that and bring it to my mom-in-law’s home. It’s going to be relaxing, I’ll eat some yummy food, drink some shampagne and watch fireworks on TV. Happy holidays to you too!

  7. Hi, Taryen,
    You’re like me. You had several thoughts and had to re-post! I’m so glad you did. The one that was ‘removed’ mentioned Thorne, so I thought I’d talk about him a little. I finished his book in mid-September and OMG was it a wild ride! It’s super-sexy ;-), but of course he’s THORNE, so what else would his book be?!? Also, with his book, I pushed some serious boundaries with his life and his future. I LOVE the way his story turned out but that makes me a little nervous because I want YOU to love it as well.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your first baby! I’m soooooo excited for you! My son just had his first baby, which made her MY first grandchild and I’m over-the-moon like I was when I had my son. TREASURE every moment of this time. Even when you feel overwhelmed just stop and SAVOR this amazing person that has come into your life. I’m so envious. We should be given two or three lives at least just to get to have these experiences again and again.

    Oh, I think I just got carried away…LOL!

    Now…back to my Guardians. I do think you’ll truly love Jean-Pierre’s book. As I said in my post, he’s the most tender of the warriors with his woman and he’s French and I work at sustaining his accent and of course he’s gorgeous and ultra sexy! Fiona so deserves him and vice-versa.

    Your last comment was about Endelle: ABSOLUTELY she gets a book. Hers will be book #10, she gets her man in a wonderful sexy way, and she and her warriors bring the war to a much-needed conclusion.

    Thanks for taking the time to post and I send your baby a blessing with all my heart!

    An ocean of blessings,

  8. Kara-Karina!
    That settles! I’m coming to your mom-in-law’s house for New Years, LOL! Hello, meringue cake and champagne!!! Sold!

    As for my series, yeah, no angels. Just vamps. With wings. I wonder, now, how many people passed up my books because the cover screamed angels!?! Well, I’ll never know, but let me assure you that the wings I write are GORGEOUS! They’re big and beautiful, like the warriors who sport them. And every vampire’s wings have a different coloration except ‘death vampires’ (the really bad guys in my series). Their wings are always glossy black and very beautiful, but one of the truest signs of who they really are!

    Enjoy your quiet Christmas and may 2012 be the best ever for you and yours!

    A treasure-trove of blessings,

  9. Vampires with wings!That’s something I haven’t read yet and I’m eager to!

    As for my plans for New Year’s Eve will probably be the same as always! At home with good friends, good food and definitely some good wine!

  10. Na

    The holidays are going well. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and if I ever need a pause button that’s what books are for.

  11. In the new year I have an awful lot of plans as far as things to accomplish. Book events, expanding my non-book blog a bit, home improvement, being more social offline.

    As far as the actual holiday… probably spend it home with my kids since my husband has to work it this year. A glass of wine and a good book sounds like the perfect way to ring in the new year IMHO. 😉

  12. Hi, BlackWolf!

    Love your avatar!

    Plans with family are the best, aren’t they? Because we have a new grandbaby, we’re keeping things low-key and trying to de-stress. Gift giving will pretty much involve the little one.

    All blessings,

  13. It was the wings on the covers that drew me to the series…the covers are just beautiful.

    I was exited that they were a new twist on vampires. It’s one of my favorite genres and I love seeeing all the different and new points of view that authors are taking with them.

    The Warriors of the Blood are awesome! Are we going to hear any more on from the Militia Warriors? Gideon and Elise are terrific and it was wonderful to see into the world from that side.

    The holidays should be fairly quite; just hanging out with family and my dogs.

  14. Anna,
    Here’s how I describe the mounting of wings in ASCENSION, the first novel of the series. This is as seen through the male lead, Kerrick, a vampire warrior, twelve centuries old. ENJOY, CARIS

    With a thought, Kerrick swelled the muscles of his back and his wings began to come, flying through the locks, an orgasm of movement, which flooded his body with a surge of male strength. Pleasure whipped through his thighs down to his feet then upward through his groin, his abs, his shoulders and arms.
    His wings unfurled, easing into their massive height, another reason he could fight these bastards—Warriors of the Blood had god-like wings, fit for battle.

  15. Na,
    Amen, sister, about the books being the right break for all the holiday madness. I ALWAYS end my night, curled up in bed, with a book…ALWAYS. It’s as though my mind can’t let go of whatever the day has dished out until I sink into another author’s crazy, fantastic, wonderful world!

    All blessings,

  16. Rhianna,
    Wait…what do you mean ‘being more social offline’ ?!? That made me laugh. Is there such a thing anymore? I’m so grateful for my writer’s group. We might meet to discuss our books and the industry BUT we always end up talking about life, relationships, kids, you name it. I’m not sure I’d ever get out if I didn’t have these monthly obligations!

    Sorry your hubby has to work over the holiday… As for the New Year, I’m pretty pathetic! I can’t remember the last time I stayed up until midnight, but then I’m a morning person…always have been.

    Sounds like you’re going to have a busy year. Mine looks like a hurricane right now. I’ve been trying to throw a lasso around it, rein it in a little…but then all these ambitious plans keep me stirred up about life…probably your plans do the same for you…and that’s a good thing!

    Many, many blessings,

  17. Traci!
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying my series! It’s been such a blast to write, very MAGICAL! As for the Militia Warriors, I do have big plans for them next year. I’m hoping to do a novella series based on them but first I have to clear it with my pub house. My agent is doing that for me even as we speak! (I have a wonderful agent…Jennifer Schober of Spencerhill…she’s AWESOME. Just thought I’d give her a shout out. Sometime I may blog about how much she does for me…anyway…) So, yeah, I have Duncan and Rachel’s story completely outlined and ready to write. I’m also working on Leto’s book, which will be the sixth in the series and will come out in September, hopefully, of next year.

    To be honest, your holidays sound wonderful. I love that you mentioned your dogs. I have two cats, but my dogs (cocker spaniels) are no longer with me though both had long lives, 12 and 16 years! But man do I miss them! I think about getting more dogs, but as you know, they’re labor intensive and I’m up to my ears as it is! Ah, life-choices! Sometimes they’re hard.

    So, enjoy your dogs for me this season!


  18. Hi,
    i must admit that you are new discovery for me. Your books seems really interesting so i would love to win the first one to discover more about this universe with winged vamps^^;;

    i understand your feeling about dogs… my first one was there before me so i was his baby and he lived 18years ( and 9month) i was devastated completly but i couldn’t stay without one so we asked checked and someone knew someone who worked with someone who just had some puppies. I went to see them they were 2days old. So cute i never had seen something so cute and small. At first i knew it wasn’t going to be the same than my lmast dog but when seeing them i reached for the one ( from the 8) with black curl like the first one ( bad me) and the mother started to show fangs and act aggressive….after she took another one and just let it fall ( she was a levrier so sitting 1meter at least) i was so afraid for the small baby i rushed to intercept it…it was the one for me. I could pick him, cuddle him but no other or she was groling. Now he is my baby and saved my life…i couldn’t go on with him but his health had as much problem than mine like his mother knew we will need each other. I pray he stay healthy with me for a long long time ( forever!!)

    My holidays will consist on reading a good book with him cuddled to my side and i guess the cat will join us ( they can’t stay apart ^^)

    thanks you for doing a international giveaway, i really appreciate

  19. Miki,
    Thank you so much for sharing your dog/puppy story! I LOVED it, especially that the mother would only let you hold the one puppy, the one meant for you, at least it sure seemed that way. Animals are such blessings in our lives. I grew up with pets and can’t imagine a life without them…a very cold life, I think, with perfect furniture that never gets damaged, lol!

    May you have your forever with your new dog…and the cat who can’t stay away!

    I’m happy to do an international giveaway. I have wonderful fans all over the world and that means a lot to me!

    A vast rain forest of blessings,

  20. This is always the saddest time of day for me, when I make my last post! I had a wonderful time chatting with all of you! We’re connected in intricate, mysterious, and marvelous ways. So, here’s wishing each of you the best of holidays this year and may 2012 bring every dream to life!

    Thank you, Carmel, for having me on your terrific blog!

    Blessings upon blessings,

  21. I like the fact that they are winged vampires! It’s different and I could really use different right now lol.
    I’m really excited to read this book.

    megnate at telus dot net

  22. I had assumed that this series was about angels. WRONG!!!!!! Damnit, winged vampires? wth that is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of! And now I’m anxious to get my own copies to see for myself!

    And I had no idea you were Valerie King as well. *shakes head* What have I been doing?


  23. The later two sentences of the first paragraph of the note … if that alone was the blurb on a book, I’d buy it.
    Sounds great. Thanks for the int giveaway.

  24. We stay at home and celebrate with mashed potatoes, hotdogs, keilbassa, pork, and sauerkraut. We make daiquiris and play games until almost midnight, then we watch the ball fall and toast the new year!

  25. Great post and excerpt .This sounds like an amazing read.The holidays are a particulary busy time for me thats where I will be on New Years I work at a Dog Daycare and Boarding facility so while others are on vacations and slowing down everything gets hectic for me I love it though when Im not with my human family Ill be with my furry family.

  26. I can’t wait to read this one. I just finished Wings of Fire and was drawn to Fiona and really, really, want to know her story!

    For the holidays I will be relaxing, reading and organizing my closet and kitchen shelves. I know it sounds boring but I just want to enter the new year relatively caught up.

    Congrats on the series!
    Sherri – urbangirlreader(at)gmail(dot)com

  27. I’m only 30, so I feel really old saying we don’t do much for New Years. When we just had one kid, we would go out with friends, but now we have three and my husband works longer hours. He works on new years eve, but has new years day off, so by the time he get’s home he is exhausted and he doesn’t even make it till midnight. lol he’s usually asleep by 11. So, it’s me and the kids and I make sure they are up and celebrating with me 🙂

  28. Thank you for the giveaway !
    I think my plan for new year would be visiting my relatives and follow my parents to wherever they go ! ^^ And my new year resolution is to study really hard to get a string of A’s and read 50 books in 2012 to complete the upcoming goodreads 2012 challenge . I think I can’t finish my 2011 challenge as I am still 11 books left behind T.T

  29. My plans for the New Year are to continue losing weight, but now incorporate a workout regimen and spend more quality time with family and friends! Thanks for the great giveaway & Happy Holidays!!!

  30. Caris is not only an amazing author but she’s an amazing person. We love her over at Sheep and hope you all will run out and get a copy of her book today!

    Vampire with wings?! I mean come! What’s not to love. xoxoxo

    Don’t enter me Caris just send you some love.

  31. New Year’s Eve was spent snuggling up with the kids and watching a movie!

    Today, we will be going to my sister’s house along with the rest of my siblings and their families and parents for a feast! Good food, and time for the kids to play together!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC Darlene
    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  32. I hope I find my reading mojo in this new year. I have had a terrible time concentrating on books and stories. 2012 will be better!!

    baychriz at gmail dot com

  33. Wow! Jean-Pierre just seems so amazing and larger-than-life. I think my jaw was touching the ground by the end of that excerpt and I know I feel a little light-headed right now. I want to go out and grab a copy of this book right now. Thank you for sharing this with us:)

    My plans for this year include:
    -Reading more books than I did lat year (hopefully, this is possible with the e-reader I was recently gifted)
    – I would like to focu more on my studies since this is my final year
    – I hope to stop procrastinating
    – I hope to finally commit to doing some real, consistent blogging this year
    – I have to stop procrastinating
    – I also want to start driving and cooking (doing grown-up things)

    Okay, I’ll stop there. Whew! I had no idea there were so many things I want to do this year. I wish you all the best with your novellas!