Holiday Foreplay Kicks Off Today!

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Holiday Foreplay @ Rabid Reads

Today is the official launch of my 24 day long Holiday Foreplay blog event. Rabid Reads is counting down the days till Christmas in style with author Guest Posts, Interviews, Reviews, Giveaways and more! A lot of work went into putting this together and it’s still on-going so I hope you guys & gals enjoy the offerings. Be prepared to be bombarded with awesomeness!

Alright, so let’s get this party started, shall we?

The Schedule
1: Holiday Foreplay Kicks off.
  Giveaway: December Release of your choice from TBD
2: Review: Acquainted with the Night by Piper Maitland
3: Top 7 Items on a Vampire’s Holiday Wish List and Giveaway with Piper Maitland
4: Character Letter to Santa and Giveaway with E.S. Moore
5: Christmas Shopping for Vamps and Giveaway with Faith Hunter
6: “I wish that life was more like romance novels” and Giveaway with Joyce Lamb
7: Traditions and Giveaway with Paige Cuccaro
8: 5 Holiday Foods I Just Don’t Understand and Giveaway with Amanda Bonilla
9: Born of Ashes Excerpt and Giveaway with Caris Roane
  Review: A Demon Does it Better by Linda Wisdom
10: Character Christmas Poem and Giveaway with Alexandra Ivy
11: Save the Wolf and Giveaway with Lawna Mackie
  Review: Shaedes of Gray by Amanda Bonilla
12: Have A Merry Witchy Christmas and Giveaway with Linda Wisdom
13: The 5 Worst Gifts for a Demon and Giveaway with Jaye Wells
14: Vamp Holiday Traditions and Giveaway with Joey W. Hill
15: I’m Dreaming of a Smoggy Christmas and Giveaway with Zoe Archer
16: Christmas Wishes and Giveaway with Sabrina Benulis
17: Character Letter to Santa and Giveaway with Casey Daniels
18: Holiday Shopping With An Immortal Guardian and Giveaway with Dianne Duvall
19: Interview and Giveaway with Thea Harrison
20: Christmas Wishes & Vampire Cats and Giveaway with Kendra Leigh Castle
21: Larentii Sex and Giveaway with Connie Suttle
22: Guest Post with Diana Francis
23: Christmas & the Werewolf Connection and Giveaway with Dani Harper
24: Holiday Foreplay Wrap-Up & Final Giveaway
January 2: Giveaways End – Winners Announced

*Schedule is subject to change without notice

Ready? Set? GO!

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11 responses to “Holiday Foreplay Kicks Off Today!

  1. Wow am I excited because there are several here that I haven’t read. Can’t wait to check them out. And then there are some of my all time favorites. Thank you.

  2. Wow! There will be so much to keep up with! What an incredible line up!

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

    Deb T

  3. @Victoria – Yup, it’s a nice mix for sure!

    @miki – Much appreciated! 🙂

    @Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes – I’m hoping it’s hard to miss!

    @SweetMarie83 – AGREED!

    @DL Thomas – No prob! I love being able to give back to my followers! 🙂