Review: A Werewolf in the North Woods by Vicki Lewis Thompson

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Title: A Werewolf in the North Woods
Series: Wild About You #2
Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
Publisher: Signet
Published: October 4th, 2011
My Copy: from publisher

When she used to walk around her grandfather’s property out­side Portland, Abby Winchell loved the idea that Bigfoot was somewhere out there too. Now her grandfather swears he’s seen two creatures that fit the legendary description—and he has evidence. Sort of. Grandpa Earl may be a bit dotty, but when his neighbors invite a renowned anthropologist to disprove his theory, Abby decides to send the man packing…until she sees how hot he is.

Anthropology professor Roark Wallace can’t risk news be­ing made of a Bigfoot sighting in the north woods—not with a local pack of werewolves to protect. Disproving the evidence should be easy, but ignoring Abby is not. Her fiery red hair makes him want to sit up and beg, and this obvious attraction is making the pack suspicious.

A Werewolf in the North Woods is a cute, flirty read with paranormal undertones but the bulk of the story line focuses on lovin’. The Bigfoot intrigue was a fun added bonus and offered an interesting twist on an old myth. It’s not essential to have read A Werewolf in Manhattan prior to tackling the second novel. The main characters of this series are brothers but other than that each story is independent of the other. A great read if you’re looking for a few giggles and some R-rated action. For something that comes off as Chick-Lit, there’s a surprising amount of family values and monogamy worked into the plot. All around, A Werewolf in the North Woods is a straight-forward, feel-good book. A great way to break things up if your typical reads are on the darker side.

I got a kick out of the fact that Bigfoot is alive and well in this story. Not only that, but Roark is actually trying to re-locate them to a safer habitat in order to protect them from prying eyes. They have a few funny characteristics that I couldn’t help but chuckle over. For starters, they smell absolutely horrible! This little tidbit obviously made it easier for a werewolf to track them. There are a few Bigfoot nuts in this tale. One in particular believes everything that he’s ever heard about the creature. At first his neon outfit, harmonica serenades and home-made gadgets seemed a little far fetched. Later on, I thought about all of the people who wear aluminum on their heads and then his character didn’t seem that out there.

I enjoyed how Vicki Lewis Thompson focused on a were’s heightened sense of smell. Most authors seem to overlook it which is surprising considering it’s one of the distinguishing traits of canines. The main reason for Roark’s initial attraction to Abby was her enticing smell. I’m not talking about perfume but rather her “natural” scent. The duo goes hiking through the wilderness in search of Bigfoot and Winchell comments on her unpleasant sweaty state. Wallace shocks her by admitting that the more ripe she smells the higher his attraction is to her. That’s a new one! I don’t know of any men who prefer their women to be stinky! I really appreciated Thompson’s attention to detail and the way that she uses a few werewolf quirks to her advantage. Plus it was good for a laugh!

The characters and world aren’t overly detailed but I hadn’t expected them to be either. I got exactly what I wanted out of this novel: sex and werewolves! Earlier I mentioned that there is a surprising amount of moral fiber in this read. Abby and Roark’s relationship started off as a physical one but it quickly became apparent that it was more than that. I liked that they took their growing feelings seriously and that the nookie only occurred between the two main characters. I’m not a huge fan of overly promiscuous heroines. I admire Winchell’s dedication to her grandfather and her willingness to back him up even if the old man’s claims bordered on ridiculous. That’s how family members should treat each other; with respect and affection.

A Werewolf in the North Woods offers a girlie perspective on the furrier side of paranormal fiction. I had a smile on my face the entire time. Well, except when I was reading the naughtier parts that is. Then I was trying to hide my physical responses to the content from prying eyes. Reading at work during my lunch hour can be awkward at times! I’m hoping for many more installments in the Wild About You series. Wolves, smexy men and sizzling hot bootie calls are an explosive combination that I’ll never be able to get enough of!

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6 responses to “Review: A Werewolf in the North Woods by Vicki Lewis Thompson

  1. DJL

    Yes, it is definitely clear that I must read my paranormal romance werewolf books soon. 🙂 And I must get this one for my collection. Thank you for your review, Carmel, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. @Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) – It is quite cute, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by!

    @DJL – They’re flirty but fun! I definitely recommend a good dose of chick-lit every now and then!

    @LRAtRandom – I hope you get to it sooner rather than later!

    @Melliane – I have to read the first one too. Must be to it SOON!

  3. Great review, I added this to my wishlist a week or two ago and now after seeing that you enjoyed I can’t wait to get my paws on it.