Holler at a Blogger: Mystifying Paranormal Reviews (3)

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This week I’m hollering at Mariya over at
Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

Mariya is a very enthusiastic reader. I always enjoy checking out her progress updates on her latest book. It’s easy to quickly figure out whether she’s digging it or hating it. Definitely good for a smile too! We have similar tastes so it’s good to browse her reviews before picking out a new novel to read. Her blog design is also very clean and streamlined which makes it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Mariya is counting down to her 1 year Blogoversary with a giveaway and more are on the horizon!

1 Year Blogoversary

Posts I checked out this week:

Happy Commenting!

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One response to “Holler at a Blogger: Mystifying Paranormal Reviews (3)

  1. Another Great Pick! I read a lot of the same things she reads too. And just recently when I felt like giving up the Fever books she encouraged me to finish them, and well I am SUPER happy I did!! I am now in love with the series!