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This is just a reminder that this event starts in less than a week so if you’re interested in participating you best get on that! Stay tuned for tons of great author interviews and book giveaways!

Thunder claps in the distance as a man standing with a trident stands to rain down a lightning bolt at the humans below, this is a scene that the ancient Greek’s used to explain thunder and lightening. And this man with a trident? His name is Zeus.

Elsewhere the Egyptians believed the sun to rise because the Mandjet, solar boats that carried him through the sky, carried Ra across the sky to the Meseket, another boat that Ra would travel on throughout the dark night in the underworld.

Further north in the Black Forest of Germany you’ll find a Celtic Goddess, Anoba, guarding over the forest and the river that protects and feeds it’s residents.

Across a vast ocean, in a land inhabited by many had spirits above in the clouds. When these spirits were pleased the clouds would be few, but if you saddened these spirits to the point of crying rain would fall. If you angered them the rain would be accompanied by thunder and lightening and the stronger the storm, the angrier they were.

The first people since the ice age to bridge the gap between this vast oceans and these people who were so similar and so different all at once were the same ones carried there by Old Norse, Aegir, who had vacated the raucous parties he loved to hold in order to grant these Vikings safe passage to the new land.

All of life’s miracles and misfortunes could be explained by pleasing and disappointing these gods. These anthropomorphized natural phenomenon came in the way of gods and goddesses which we today call mythology!

What is your favorite story within these diverse tales of how the world works? Which god or goddess is your favorite?

Join us by blogging the answers to these questions along with perhaps a giveaway of your favorite book containing mythology!

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  1. I deleted my previous comments because I had a couple of errors in them. So here goes again…lol.

    The Midnight Summer Festival sounds absolutely AWESOME!! I have already signed up!

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  2. You’re very welcome for the Midnight Summer Festival sign-up!

    Also, thanks for letting me know that Google was acting up again. I just checked, and your icon is there.

    Thanks again!! : )

  3. @Maria Behar FINALLY GFC seems to be working again! Thanks again for signing-up. 🙂

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