Cover Crazy: Snow White, Blood Red (24)

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I love the play on paranormal and fairy tale elements in this cover. The pinch of white “innocent” color vs the pinch of red “evil” color surrounded by an eerie forest is the perfect setting for this anthology. The same color scheme is also used in the title which adds to the overall effect.

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Reissue on July 25, 2011

Once upon a time, fairy tales
were for children . . . But no longer.

You hold in your hands a volume of wonders — magical tales of trolls and ogres, of bewitched princesses and kingdoms accursed, penned by some of the most acclaimed fantasists of our day. But these are not bedtime stories designed to usher an innocent child gently into a realm of dreams. These are stories that bite — lush and erotic, often dark and disturbing mystical journeys through a phantasmagoric landscape of distinctly adult sensibilities . . . where there is no such thing as “happily ever after.”

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