Review: Shadow Days by Andrea Cremer

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Title: Shadow Days
Author: Andrea Cremer
Series: Nightshade #0.5
Publisher: Philomel Books
Published: October, 2010
My Copy: Free Download

This novella occurs before Nightshade so if you haven’t gotten around to reading the first installment or if you just want a sneak peek into this series, Shadow Days is a great way to go. It’s written a little differently though because it’s from Shay’s perspective instead of Calla’s. I enjoyed his POV slightly more than Miss Tor’s but not by much. In this novella we get to experience Shay’s first impressions of Rowan Estate, his family home, and his angst over having to move (again) before the start of his senior year in high school.

I adored Shay in book one so I was thrilled that he got his own prequel. The brief glance Cremer gave readers of Rowan Estate in Nightshade creeped me out but this tale definitely reinforced those feelings! I would love to be able to walk those halls but I would have second thoughts about spending the night. I felt bad for Shay being forced to live there full-time. Imagine feeling always on edge in your own home. Brutal! I also really enjoyed the way that Cremer incorporates social media into this prequel. The fact that Shay’s Facebook page really exists makes this story feel all the more real. I loved his down-to-earth demeanor. His uncle may be wealthy, but Doran’s insistence in paying for his own vehicle made me admire him even more.

Shadow Day is an easy read that’ll put a smile on your face and if you’re a Shay fan this prequel will reinforce those sentiments twofold.

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