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This cover has an eerie end-of-the-world feel to it that really comes across well thanks to the color scheme. I like the detailing in the female model’s wings and the view of the skyline is breathtaking.

Spring 2012

Matthew’s father had lion’s feet and his mother had gills, and both fled the modern-day city to live in underground Safe, a secret community of freaks, ghost-whisperers, and disabled outcasts hidden beyond the subways and sewers. Raised underground, Matthew is responsible for the keeping of both Safe’s histories and the traumatized shapeshifter Ariel, the girl he took in, fell in love with – and can’t stop from constantly running away.

But Safe is no longer safe: the night after a frightening encounter in the sewers, Safe’s founder Atticus is murdered by the one person Safe ever exiled: mad Corner, whose coup is backed by an army of mindless, whispering shadows.

Only Matthew, Ariel, and a handful of unstable, crippled compatriots escape to the city that cast them out; the dangerous place he knows only as Above. Despite Ariel’s increasingly erratic behaviour and with the odds against them, Matthew must find a way to rescue Safe from Corner’s occupying army. But as his quest leads him through abandoned asylums and the dregs of urban poverty, Matthew discovers that the histories he’s devoted his life to aren’t true: Corner’s invasion — and Ariel’s terrors – are rooted in a history of Safe much darker and bloodier than Matthew ever imagined.

And even if he manages to save both home and Ariel, he may well lose himself.

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14 responses to “Cover Crazy: Above (19)

  1. This cover is really pretty! I love the sepia tone to it and that its so different from other covers!

    Good choice πŸ™‚

    The synopsis sounds awesome too

  2. This is a KILLER cover. I LOVE it! I’ve not seen it before. The sepia tones work so well with the yellow glow of the lighting. I think the way it hits the fairy’s hair is a beautiful touch.

    This one has really piqued my interest. A fairy-dystopian novel would be a creative twist.

  3. Kat

    I love the sound of this book… a little bizarre and very promising! And the sepia-monochromatic tones of the cover are gorgeous. πŸ™‚