Cover Crazy: The Reaping (14)

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This week I’m crazy about…

The model looks really creepy! I’m diggin’ the all-black effect. I especially like the material of her robe; how you can see the folds in the material and that it has a bit of a shine to it.

This book’s been out since January 2011 but the new cover was revealed late last week.


Every hell has its devil. And Carson is about to become intimately acquainted with hers.

Seventeen-year-old wallflower Carson Porter has always dreamed of being something special, but what she gets isn’t what she signed up for.

Yeah, a girl’s supposed to change as she gets older, but this is ridiculous! Shiny skin, greener eyes and a run-in with the flesh-eating dead are just a few of the changes Carson has to adjust to, not to mention the arrival of very hot and very dangerous Derek Hrolf. If all that wasn’t enough to turn her once hum-drum life into something unrecognizable, a twin sister that haunts her from the shadows and a wheeling, dealing collector of souls will definitely do the trick. The question is: what will her life become? And what will she become?

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14 responses to “Cover Crazy: The Reaping (14)

  1. This is so scary looking. The black eyes really freak me out. They look so real. I’d hate to meet this person in a dark alley at night.

  2. I really really like this cover. I’m so glad they decided to change it. It’s perfectly macabre. Her face is so mysterious.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  3. Her face is *so* creepy!!! And I’m with you–I love the fabric used and the way it reveals creases, etc.!

    How did you get the link bar over onto your post as well? That’s neat!

  4. Kat

    Very cool and eerie. I love the pupiless (is that a word?) black of her eyes within the shadowy folds of the cloak. 🙂

  5. Oh gosh! For a second there I totally thought that this was the cover of Kimberly Derting’s new book “The Pledge”… But you know what? I actually like this cover more than Derting’s cover! Girl looks kick-butt!

    PS. I tweeted about this!

  6. yeah..Her eyes were so creepy. I remembered the scene of True Blood season 2 when everybody was possessed. at gmail dot com.