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Title: The Calling (Night Breeds #1)
Author: Lily Graison
Publisher: Alinar Publishing
Published: February 2010
Pages: 262
My Copy: From Author

In a world where the supernatural isn’t supposed to exist, one woman comes face to face with the monsters and fights to survive their call.

Investigative reporter Rayna Ford is sent to the small community of Wolf’s Creek to write an expose on a town supposedly over run with werewolves. Assuming the inhabitants to be under a mass delusion, she learns quickly that all isn’t as it seems. Their plans involve more than a newspaper article and her life hangs in the balance as their motive for luring her to them is revealed.

Garrett Kincaid knows a thing or two about werewolves. He is one. After leaving his pack, he’s spent the last twelve years pretending to be something he isn’t. His closely guarded secret threatens to destroy him when he meets Rayna Ford, the woman his wolf has claimed as his own. When he learns the pack has lured Rayna to them in order to get to him, he races to Wolf’s Creek to protect her from the very thing he fears the most. Himself.

The power struggle within the pack becomes clear once Garrett reaches his old home and learns of the pack’s plans for Rayna. The beast lurking beneath his skin is torn between protecting the woman he wants to call mate and keeping the balance within the pack on neutral ground. When choosing a side no longer matters, he does what he must to save his mate, even if that means making one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

When the stakes are high, and lives hang in the balance, can you ignore life as you know it to answer… The Calling.

I hadn’t read a werewolf book in a while and have been jonesing for one as of late. This novel provided me with my much needed furry fix and then some! Lily Graison adds a few interesting twists to werewolf lore while still staying true to the main wolfish traits. The love story was well developed and will have you at the edge of your seat obsessing about the outcome until the very end. This tale is seething with bad guys who are particularly loathsome.

The story has everything that I look for in a good shifter read: pack hierarchy, life mates and gruesome battles. I really enjoyed the author’s unique perspective of werewolves. As in real packs, each member’s place is determined by strength. In this case there are alphas, betas and omegas. What really stood out for me was that these wolves have different abilities according to their standings. The lower a member is on the totem pole the less control they have of their wolf. Alphas can resist shifting, partially shift and turn furry faster. While as for the omegas it’s all or nothing. The moon calls them whether they want to change or not and they are limited to full shifts. I was happy to see the inclusion of life mates in the story line. Once a wolf has claimed another as their mate no other shifter will touch her unless they’re looking for a fight to the death.

I was totally drooling over Garrett for the entire book. He’s yummylicious and the strongest of the pack by far. Only instead of choosing to lead he went the lone wolf route. He doesn’t like the animal inside of him and pushes everyone away for fear of them discovering his secret. Garrett refuses to budge on his beliefs and as a result pushes Rayna away to the extent that he’s a real jerk. He does this even though his wolf recognizes her as his true mate. The struggle between man and beast gave me goose bumps. On one hand, you can’t help but admire his commitment to do what’s right and protect the ones he loves at all costs. On the other, it’s hard to watch him deny himself happiness when they both are obviously head over heels for each other.

The relationship between Garrett and Rayna is all over the place. They dated for a while until Garrett brutally dumps her to keep her safe. Then his secret’s out, he saves Rayna from his conniving ex-pack and their reunion is explosive. In a weak in the knees, you’ll be fanning yourself type of way. I would have been disappointed if there wasn’t at least one primal encounter! Only it doesn’t last and Garrett pushes Rayna away AGAIN! I was pulling my hair out while reading this book.

Needless to say, I LOVED this book! The love story will have you wanting to reach into the pages and slap Garrett, that’s if you don’t want to keep him for yourself of course! The introduction of power levels based on pack hierarchy is a great twist on the genre. The only thing that I felt was missing were pack hunts. Granted, there wasn’t much team work going on with their current leader but I would have loved to have witnessed at least one on some level. The Calling is perfect for my fellow werewolf addicts and a great supernatural read all around.

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This novel counts towards my goals in the Parajunkee’s View 2011 Shifter Challenge.


Lily Graison was kind enough to give my an extra eBook copy of The Calling. To enter simply leave a comment on this post and answer the below question. This Giveaway closes on February 6th at 11:59AM and is open internationally. The winner will be selected by and have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail.

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34 responses to “Review + Giveaway: The Calling by Lily Graison

  1. DJL

    Sounds like a great werewolf story! 🙂 I think my favorite wolfish trait has to be the loyalty and mating for life both very romantic traits.

  2. DarkBloodyVamp

    Sounds like a great book. Count me in. As for my wolfish trait I guess I am quite territorial. Nobody better make moves on my man someone will pay LOL.

    Thanks Carmel for this giveaway! 🙂


  3. Hi this sounds like a great book, thanks for the contest, my favorite trait would have to be the way they pair up for life and never abandon their partner ever, and the way they will do anything to satisfy them
    oh yea and the way their eyes turn to gold and they way they communicate to one another.

  4. My favourite wolfish traits would be their loyalty, territorial protectiveness and mating for life.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  5. Awesome giveaway, I would love to read this. A wolfish trait that I love is the ultimate Alpha male. What is not to love about an Alpha? They are large and in charge and insert their dominence over the pack. I want a leader, and that is what the alpha brings. He can dominate over me anytime 🙂


  6. hi Carmel. i go for how protective and loyal they are plus the strength they exhibit! thanks for the giveaway and the review. c”,)


  7. Hi Carmel,

    Thank you for such a lovely, detailed review! I’m glad you enjoyed the THE CALLING and thrilled so many want to read it! Good luck to everyone entering the contest.

    All the best,
    Lily Graison

  8. I love the “wolfish grin” – how could you not? It can mean so many things – teasing, taunting, danger, passion – it is the universe sign of wildness.


  9. Hey Carmel great review. I would say that the bond that the pack shares is my favorite wolfish trait. Thanks for the chance to enter :).

    bkwalkerbooks at comcast dot net

  10. Great review Carmel. Thanks for featuring this new to me author.

    My favorite wolfish trait is their protectiveness with their mates and pack.

    E-mail is in profile.

  11. OMG. I need a furry fix weekly. LOL. I love me some shapeshifters.

    My favorite trait is the whole mate for life. I love that there is another half to my half and together you fulfill a whole. Yes, I;m a romance sap- big time!!=)


  12. Since I live in wolf country, and they are my is their sense of smell. They have the highest sense of smell imaginable. Can you imagine what your wolf can smell about you? Hmm…interesting….*S*

  13. maria pena

    I like when they meet there mate and they know right then and there that they are the person for them.

  14. My favourite is definitely that wolves are so possessive and that they mate for life, love that they are monogamous! 😀

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I love the alpha-male-protectiveness they have for their mates and pack members… it makes me melt! I want a werewolf to be protective of ME Lol so jealous of all the heroines in these books.

    thanks for the review & the giveaway =)

  16. Oh werewolves are my favorite paranormal character. I agree with the other commentors – love their alpha-male way.

    baychriz at gmail dot com