Cover Crazy: Trial by Fire (7)

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I like the way the flames are engulfing Bryn but manage to not be overpowering. The full moon in the background is kind of a given for a werewolf book but I appreciate its presence. It makes the book’s subject easy to identify! I think this cover would have been cooler if the girl wasn’t the same color as the flames though…

To be released on June 14th, 2011. This is the second book in the Raised by Wolves series. I haven’t read the first one yet but it’s on my TBR list.

Bryn is now leader of the Cedar Ridge pack of werewolves and she’s convinced that her pack is different – it’s democratic and fair. Then Bryn finds a battered teenage Were, Connor, bleeding on her front porch. He begs Bryn to protect him from an abusive leader; Bryn takes him into her pack. But Bryn’s Were partner Chase doesn’t trust the new boy, and the more time she spends helping Connor, the more aggressive Chase becomes. Bryn is not sure if it’s jealousy, or Were possessiveness but for the first time she starts to feel suffocated by the bond she and Chase share. Filled with action, unlikely allies, and deadly conspiracies, TRIAL BY FIRE will change Bryn forever. She is soon to realise that to lead a pack of werewolves, she must give in to her animal instincts and become a little less human. And as hard as it’s going to be, Bryn is going to have to do it alone. There can only be one alpha.


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8 responses to “Cover Crazy: Trial by Fire (7)

  1. hi Carmel! nice cover but i agree with you on the color choices. i mistook the flames for something else when it could have stood out more! thanks for the post! c”,)

  2. I don’t care for the color choices, either!

    I am waiting for this one, too, though – I thought the first book was a pretty good read 🙂

  3. OMG.. I gotta stop shopping.. I just bought the first book :O

    Wow.. I look forward to get it and read it.. but damn.. why does it have to be so easy to shop on the internet xD I am broke.. xD

  4. @aoblibliophile Exactly! The fact that you couldn’t identify the flames right off says it all!

    @Manga Maniac I’m jealous that you’ve read the first one already! No fair!

    @MoonStar You’re too funny. But yeah, I fall into the online shopping trap often. Especially with a wireless eReader…

    @BLHmistress Oh yes, the list. There’s not enough hours in a day!

    @BooksforCompany I wish I had a library that carried more good books. It’s the price I pay to live out in the boonies!