Third Sentence Thursday (1)

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This is a fun new weekly meme that I stumbled across last week. The concept is pretty simple but participating can be quite challenging! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find the funniest third sentence ever.
  2. Post it.
  3. Visit other blogs to vote for the best sentence.

This week’s theme:

Third sentence that best describes your mood.

“I’m dreading going back.” (page 110)
  – Tangled Tinsel by Vivian Arend part of the Winter Wishes Anthology.

Why I chose this sentence: It’s been a rough couple of weeks at work and today we got a pretty big snowstorm so I opted for a snow day. Now I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow!


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12 responses to “Third Sentence Thursday (1)

  1. Kat

    The Winter Wishes Anthology sounds like a perfect book for this kind of weather. I have a snow day off school, too, but honestly I’d rather just go. Winter break starts on Monday, see, and now we have to make-up today on Monday. I’d rather just get school over with!

    By the way, I LOVE your blog’s new look, Carmel! The header isb especially awesome! Hope you have a wonderful snow day. 🙂

  2. Heh, I totally understand how you feel! I used to live where there was snow, and lots and lots of dread about having to wade through it or you know… shovel it… Hope you survived it ok!

    Clarification for next week’s theme: Take the third sentence of the book you are reading and review it! (Serious review or silly is up to you)

    Also, thanks for sharing ^.^

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty’s Mostly Books

  3. I still have nightmares about a job I had and I left it 22 years ago – so I know how you feel. I find it helpful to think of someone bugging me as disturbed and there fore ill. As long as I don’t have to take them somewhere I am ok then.

    Thanks for coming by.

  4. @Nina B. – Your sentence suits my mood as well!

    @Kat – Thanks Kat! That sucks that they’re making you make up the snow day. LAME!

    @aobibliophile – Thanks for the love, I’m following you back!

    @Kathie @ my kozy korner – It was going to happen regardless at least I have a consolation prize… Another week and I’m off for 2!

    @Sniffly Kitty – Shoveling! Yuck! That’s what my man is for now. LOL Thanks for the clarification for next week.

    @Steph – Haha I love your tip!

  5. Hey Carmel! I hate being cold and I only like snow when I can look at it out the window from under a nice electric blanket. Or even better; looking at it on TV! You get my vote this week because I feel bad for you having to go back to work on a Friday in the SNOW. BBBRrrrrrrrrrrr


  6. hi Carmel. thanks for the info on my goodreads link. i’ll check & fix it. by the way, your button is up on my blog’s slideshow & i’m also following you on Networked Blogs. c”,)

  7. @Shannon@BooksDevoured – Meh, it’s not so bad. The key is to make winter fun by doing a sport or something. Otherwise it’s a loooong miserable season.

    @aobibliopgile – Thanks! I’m following you everywhere now!

    @Moonlight Gleam – It will! Not having to work makes eveything 100% better. LOL