Contest: 150 Followers Giveaway Update

Posted December 2, 2010 by Carmel in / 3 Comments

Well I’ve blown my 150 follower target out of the water! A big thank you to everyone who’s signed up and helped spread the word! There’s still time to get in if you haven’t yet. Currently, I’m at 249 followers with 273 entries and counting. This means that there will be TWO WINNERS and if I get 1 more there will be a third. Are you as excited as I am!? Probably not but hey, you can’t blame me, it’s my first giveaway.

DEADLINE CHANGE: December 10th, 2010 @ 11:59 EST.

Unfortunately I have to modify the deadline from December 15th to December 10th due to work commitments. Hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much.



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3 responses to “Contest: 150 Followers Giveaway Update

  1. Yes, I am as excited as you are! This giveaway made me think about doing one for my own blog, but seeing as how mine’s completely personal I have no idea what I’d give away!

  2. Yay! Congratulations you are already at 251 followers! That is amazing, you should feel very proud 😀

    And of course I’m excited, I don’t mind the Dec 10 deadline, to tell you the truth I would be glad if it ended now, that way we would all know the winners :-)) lol

  3. Thanks ladies! I didn’t figure moving up the deadline would be an issue. Also, this giveaway is starting to get costly. I never thought I’d hit 250 followers. Oh well, it was totally worth it!