Book Buying Ban: December 1-31, 2010 (1)

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Christmas is less than a month away. Crazy I know! As a result, I’m imposing a book buying band upon myself for the month of December (1-31). I recently splurged and bought a Kobo eReader so, to make up for my new toy I will be getting my books from places other than Amazon. I’m thinking about making a list and tracking the approximate value of the books that I’ll be reading but this time of year can get a little crazy so I’ll see how that goes! I’ll post my progress in my Challenges section so stay tuned. This is going to be tough!

Date Title Author Source Value
11/27/2010 The Reaper Rachel Vincent BooksOnBoard $2.99
11/27/2010 Wind and Fire Cheryl Landmark Author $4.29
11/29/2010 Stone Kissed Keri Stevens NetGalley $5.99
11/29/2010 Winter Wishes Moira Rogers (+) NetGalley $7.99
11/29/2010 Lost Voices Sarah Porter NetGalley $16.99
11/29/2010 Angelfire Allison Coutney Moulton NetGalley $17.99

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4 responses to “Book Buying Ban: December 1-31, 2010 (1)

  1. Good luck! I’ve never been able to go on one of those myself. But then again I restrict myself just to a handful of authors with the occasional buying a new one. I’m supposed to be working on my book though!

  2. You’re writing a book? Good for you! I’m tempted but who has the time? Feel free to send an ARC my way for a review! 😉

  3. bibliophile brouhaha — A local library would be great. Unfortunately I live out in the boonies so I don’t have that luxury! 🙁