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This week’s is a sort of read and respond:

After reading this article: Trendspotting: Readers’ Spending on Books, answer the following questions:

What are your responses to this report? Does it match with what you -as a reader- have observed with your own buying habits? When was the last time you bought a book? What did you buy and why?

At first I was taken a little aback by this article but by the end I was nodding my head in agreement. Although I enjoy browsing a book store, the majority of my books are bought online because they’re less expensive. Having worked previously for Chapters, a large Canadian retail bookstore, I learnt that online is cheaper because they have less overhead i.e. less employees and less inventory. You can buy their books for significantly lower prices if you shop online.

The drop in hardcover sales isn’t surprising either. I’ve never been one to buy hardcovers because they’re so expensive. I’ll make the rare exception when it’s a book that I plan to re-read and keep on display or if I absolutely must read the book and can’t wait for it to be released in mass market. I haven’t jumped on the eBook bandwagon yet but I can definitely see the appeal. They’re less expensive, take up no shelf space and are easily accessible. Not to mention that many authors are going that route for their ARCs because of its practicality.

This article wasn’t an eye opener for me. I’ve previously wondered what the impact eBooks would have on sales and author revenue. I personally rarely read non-fiction books so the fact that sales are down in this genre doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure many others share my reading habits and preferences. And religion books maintaining their sales was a given. Many turn to religion during hard time and we are recovering from a recession after all.

I bought 4 books online via a few weeks ago: Howling at the Moon, Shiver, Halfway to the Grave and Kitty and the Midnight Hour (see post). I bought these books because they’re in the genres I read and I have read good reviews. They were all mass market paperbacks or trade paperbacks.

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7 responses to “Musing Mondays (4)

  1. I’m like you – I buy most of my books online, I rarely purchase hard covers, BUT I do have an eReader, and I have found that I love the convenience of downloading a book in under a minute. I still prefer a physical book to a digital copy, though

  2. Kim

    I buy online partly because I have Sony Reader, but also because I don’t have a bookstore within 30 miles! It is cheaper to pay for shipping than to drive to one! Sad, but true!

  3. I really only buy used hardcover..otherwise mostly trade paperbacks and almost always online. Even the used ones I buy online from Amazon..can not beat the price.

  4. I buy very few HC books new, always on clearance shelves. I like the TPB books best. I think an e-reader would be nice, but, I have a few friends who borrow my books, don’t know how you could loan out an E-reader book.

  5. I, too, wasn’t that surprised by the article except for the #1 genre of mysteries. Would have guessed, what with the newest rage, that PNR, UF etc would have been on top of the list.