The eReader bandwagon

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I’ve been toying with buying an eBook reader for sometime now. With Christmas around the corner, the debate has resurfaced. My dilemma is this: I already spend many hours in front of a computer screen at work, at home and while studying part-time online. Do I really want to stare at another screen while engaged in one of my favorite pass-times? My eyes are already failing me and I have a feeling the hours spent in front of monitors are to blame. I love browsing book stores. They’re my little slice of heaven. Do I really want to give them up for more online shopping? This may seem a little odd, but I love the smell of a new book.

On the flip side, I’m a technology nut. I’m the one who had to have an HDTV for my PS3 & Wii with HDMI outlets so I could hook up my laptop to watch movies. Not to mention my wireless network. My boyfriend is only now learning what all of the buttons on the remotes do. I’m a geek. A touchscreen, wireless, 3G eReader should be right up my alley! Why am I so reluctant to take the plunge? The written word to me is sacred and I’m worried that going paperless will take away some of it’s charm.

There are many advantages to eBooks. They’re a lot more affordable than the traditional book. Unless I HAVE to read a book the moment it’s released, I’ll wait until it’s reprinted as a mass market paperback before I’ll buy it. The environmental impact is huge. The books I buy end up sitting in my closet until the pile grows large enough that I feel the need to donate them. I rarely re-read a book unless it makes my favorite books list. There’s also the fact that I live out the in middle of no where. Buying a new book can be a challenge in itself. It would be so much easier to download a book with a few simple clicks.

The there’s the matter of selecting an eReader. The technology is still fairly new so they’re constantly coming out with new ones. Do I want to splurge and buy one with all the bells and whistles or should I keep it simple? I mean really, the thing only needs to have one function. I could buy 24 mass market books for the price of the Sony Reader! Sure it comes with a built-in MP3 player, acts as a notepad, and has a touchscreen. All of those features are neat but completely unnecessary. Also, I already own other devices that perform similar functions.

My conclusion is… maybe. I see the value in them but I’m not entirely convinced of their merit. There’s tons of good reasons on why I should buy one but what can I say, I love my books. When I cozy up to a book on my couch I immediately feel relaxed. All of the days trials and problems seem to dissolve while I’m immersed in the story. Will an eBook still have the same effect? I’m skeptical. Some things just can’t be improved.

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One response to “The eReader bandwagon

  1. I am in total agreement. A part of me wants an eReader for the convenience and I would probably read a lot more books. But I still really like used bookstores and the good ‘ol library.
    ps. definitely going to look into the Shifters series 🙂