Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

In this novel, Kelley Armstrong goes back to the characters that started it all in her Women of the Otherworld series: Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers. Bitten and Stolen were the first two books I read by her and are what got me hooked. This series has been a great read overall but the novels […]

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An excuse to buy books

In light of my new blog I bought new books! No sense starting a book review blog with nothing to read. I didn’t buy just any books, but books from a few of my favorite series. As a result, I should devour these and have plenty of material to blog about. It’s a shame that […]

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The eReader bandwagon

I’ve been toying with buying an eBook reader for sometime now. With Christmas around the corner, the debate has resurfaced. My dilemma is this: I already spend many hours in front of a computer screen at work, at home and while studying part-time online. Do I really want to stare at another screen while engaged […]

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Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur

Excellent ending to this series! Unfortunate that it had to end but what an ending! Riley is knee deep in the usual sh!#: investigating murders, feuding with her pack and killing vampires. After having her life nearly taken away from her at least 5 more times throughout this book she realizes that being a guardian […]

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Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur

A good addition to the Guardian series by Keri Arthur. Lots of action, danger, love and supernatural without overdoing it like Laurell K. Hamilton in her later books. Arthur has stuck to the same format / storyline that has made this series so successful without taking it too far over the top. The story was […]

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Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong

Another great book by this Canadian author. The story wasn’t as riveting as some of her earlier novels but still a great read. It didn’t have as much supernatural content as I’ve come to expect from this series. Out of all the characters, the half-demon Hope is one of my least favorites. Her powers can […]

— Posted September 30, 2010 by Carmel / 0 Comments
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