Mini Bookfessional and SALE Post: The Shape of Water (the movie)

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The Definition of Crazy is . . .

After reading and very much enjoying THE SHAPE OF WATER (the book), it was only natural that I’d feel compelled to watch the movie.

So what if movies rarely live up to the books that inspired them. This movie wasn’t inspired by the book. DUAL release, remember? Surely this special snowflake would fare better, right>


I feel like if I’d seen the movie before reading the book, I’d have liked it more . . . Maybe . . . But per usual, a two hour film that limits the viewer to what they can see can’t compete with sharing head space with the same characters.

Also, given that both screenplay and book were written in tandem, there were bizarre differences. For example, the science people in the buddy read were put off by the scientist in charge of gathering data from the fish man saying said fish man needed a 75% salt water habitat when he was discovered in a fresh water river.


In the movie, the same character said fish man only needed 8 – 10% salination.


Then there were the characters that had been significant enough to have their own POVs in the book that became almost nonentities in the film, like Strickland’s wife Lanie and the aforementioned scientist.

SO. If you want the see the movie, watch it BEFORE you read the book.

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Have a great weekend, people! Read lots!

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2 responses to “Mini Bookfessional and SALE Post: The Shape of Water (the movie)

  1. I didn’t know that there was actually a book for that. I only heard about the movie when a friend had an extra ticket to a showing. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I may add it to my Netflix list, but it didn’t sound like something I’d be overly interested in. Thanks for the heads up on watching the movie before reading the book. I usually do it the other way around.
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