Review: Beyond the Shadows by Amber Lynn Natusch (@Mollykatie112, @AmberLNatusch)

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Review: Beyond the Shadows by Amber Lynn Natusch (@Mollykatie112, @AmberLNatusch)
Beyond the Shadows by Amber Lynn Natusch
Series: Force of Nature #3
Published by Indie
Published on: December 4, 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Werewolves
Pages: 207
Format: eBook
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Another day, another problem for Piper Jones and her eclectic mix of allies.

And so far, her pack of vampire enforcers, werewolves, and her warlock mentor have come through it all unscathed. But when a rogue assassin starts killing off Knox’s crew, she’s got more to worry about than the faint blue scar on her chest and her failing powers.

Now she must race against time to heal her broken magic, if she wants to save the wolves she’s grown to love.

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Amber Lynn Natusch was the first author to really cement my love of indie authors. After finding and reading her Caged series, I was hooked. It made me realize that just because a writer hadn’t yet been signed by one of the big publishing houses, didn’t mean they shouldn’t be. And Ms. Natusch now has been signed for an upcoming 2018 release by Tor publishing(and also signed earlier by Montlake for another series) and it just backed up everything I already knew about her as an author. She can write and write amazingly.

Beyond the Shadows is the third in her Force of Nature series. It’s unique in many aspects and yet familiar in some. There’s vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and fae in this world that the author has created, but there’s also something more. And that something is Piper. Piper has been a mystery in the past to everyone she knows(supposedly,anyway)and more importantly to herself. Now that she is coming into her powers, she’s actually more powerful than all the other supernaturals around her combined. She knows a lot more about herself by this third book and is ready to kick some ass-again. Her bound mate, vampire enforcer Merc, is back in the picture now and Knox, the werewolf alpha from Alaska, is still by her side as well. And that’s a big problem. Bigger problem? War is coming to the supernaturals in New York City and Piper and all her cohorts are involved, willingly or unwillingly. When Knox’s pack comes under fire from an unknown and unseen entity, things speed up in this war.

As in previous books, I loved all these characters, well, except for the villains anyway. Piper has grown from a young woman that was barely making it in the supernatural world, to being larger than life at times. She has a deep love for everyone in her circle, especially Knox and Merc. She’s close to Kat, a lone werewolf, and Grizz, the Alaskan grizzly bear with an attitude and a close bond to Piper. She continues to be mentored by Drake, the aged warlock with major secrets. Knox is still my favorite male hero of the series. He’s honorable, loyal, and loves Piper-probably more than his own pack. Merc, I would have gravitated to for Piper, back in the beginning of the series. But he had his problems and they were pretty major-even though the worst of them wasn’t his fault. I feel almost sorry for him at times, but I just have more good feelings about Knox-can’t help it. I do know that Merc has his fans though. My absolute favorite side character is still Grizz, with Kat coming in second place. Any fun moments always featured both of them giving much needed levity to this supernatural world full of war and death.

This book was full of skirmishes and then all out war at times. The good guys don’t always win every confrontation and a new threat is introduced. I enjoyed the whole thing. The writing was good as usual, the premise remains interesting, and the pacing was pretty spot on. The only thing that would have made this a bit better for me would be some more happening in the romance department. I know it’s urban fantasy, but I still missed it as it’s been there in the previous books. These definitely need to be read in order, as it’s an ongoing story.

Highly recommended to urban fantasy readers. This particular book is for ages 14 plus, in my opinion, although the previous books were probably 16 plus. There is violence and language.

Force of Nature Series

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Lorna’s Review

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14 responses to “Review: Beyond the Shadows by Amber Lynn Natusch (@Mollykatie112, @AmberLNatusch)

  1. I agree about so many indie authors. Love that you support so many. And yay, now this one is a crossover author.

    The mystery aspect along with all the types of supernaturals is a big draw for me. I’m checking into the first book. Thanks for a new recommend. 🙂

    • Brandee, I think you would really like this series. So unique at times and you will love one of the side characters in particular-Grizz. Hope you get a chance to read it, but I do understand how hard it is to fit every book in.