Bookfessional: Best Books of 2017

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Bookfessional: My Best-Loved Books of the Year

10. Monstress, Vol. 2 by Marjorie Liu

I loved the first volume of MONSTRESS almost as much as I love SAGA, so when my initial reaction to this one was kind of MEH, I gladly gave it a second look when a friend’s review made me question why I was so indifferent to it (so much easier to reread a graphic novel than a novel novel).

The short version is: my memory is crap.

The slightly less short version is: I didn’t reread volume one before volume two, and that was a mistake (b/c my memory is crap).

Regardless, it’s not the book’s fault I for even a moment thought it was MEH, which it absolutely is not.

9. Midnight Jewel by Richelle Mead

I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT. *high fives self*

And now that what I knew when I finished THE GLITTERING COURT was verified in MIDNIGHT JEWEL, I can’t wait to find out what Tamsin’s backstory is, b/c unlike with Mira, I have no clue.

8. Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

I hesitated to call this book feminist in my review, b/c the term by itself can feel so angry . . . I myself typically avoid it, so was I doing it a disservice by alienating like-minded readers?


This book was what the word is supposed to mean: empowering for females without being abusive or derisive to males. *waves girl power flag while standing next to boy waving his own flag*

ALSO, it was an epic fairy tale retelling, so this one is a twofer.

7. Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

This is not only the first meaty installment since FROST BURNED, but it’s my second favorite in the entire series (my #1 favorite is RIVER MARKED, which ironically is most people’s least favorite, so if you disagree with the above assessment, I’m handing you your vindication). *winks*

6. The Aftermath Trilogy by Chuck Wendig

Only the final book was released in 2017, but I binge read all of them together, and as I’m still reading STAR WARS books as a result of this introduction, I think the whole trilogy deserves to be recognized.

It. Is. Awesome.

Seriously, if you have the tiniest interest in expanding your love of STAR WARS, this is the place to do it. It’s worth it for Sinjir and Mr. Bones (best droid ever) alone.

5. The Little Red Wolf by Amélie Fléchais

I requested this on NetGalley on a whim. B/c pretty pictures. But it turned out to be the kind of fairy tale that is the reason I love fairy tales (x100).

It’s now my default book for small children. They too love the pretty pictures, and the story is one the parents won’t mind reading over and over again.

4. Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews

I don’t know that Avon actually rereleased BURN FOR ME as was the plan, but they were supposed to just prior to WHITE HOT, so once again I’m listing this one as a series.

Does a world where humans have a variety of superhero-like magical abilities sound good to you? How about those possessing the strongest abilities ruling the world in a cabal-like fashion? A heroine who is unregistered as having any magic b/c her ability is so coveted?


3. A Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong

The followup was even better (which happens like never) than the first installment of what is quickly becoming a favorite series. CREEPTASTIC.

2. Six-Gun Snow White by Catherynne M. Valente

I tried really hard to limit this list to books published in 2017, but I had to make an exception here, b/c it’s now on my short list of best books EVER.

It will gut you. But it will leave you hopeful. And those are the best kind of books, IMO.

1. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Laini Taylor defies description. She just is. And what she is is mind-blowingly original.

If you haven’t experienced her for yourself, you should remedy that immediately.

Honorable Mention: Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser

B/c best YA fantasy debut I’ve read since THRONE OF GLASS.

What about you? What were your favorite books this year?

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