Release Day Review: Wolf’s Mate by Celia Kyle (@Mollykatie112, @celiakyle, @ForeverRomance)

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Release Day Review: Wolf’s Mate by Celia Kyle (@Mollykatie112, @celiakyle, @ForeverRomance)
Wolf's Mate by Celia Kyle
Series: Shifter Rogues #1
Published by Forever
Published on: August 1, 2017
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves
Pages: 368
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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Cougar shifter Abby Carter always plays it safe. That's why she's an accountant--no excitement, no danger, and no cocky alpha males. She loves her quiet life, but fate has other plans. When Abby uncovers the shady dealings of an anti-shifter organization, she'll have to trust the too-sexy-for-her-peace-of-mind werewolf Declan Reed... or end up six feet under.

Declan Reed is starting over. After two years with Shifter Operations Command, it's time to put his past behind him. Now Declan is the only thing standing between the gorgeous Abby and an early grave, and if he's going to have any chance of keeping her alive, he'll have to embrace the darkness he's fought to keep at bay. But first he has to convince Abby that there's no safer place in the world than the arms of a big bad werewolf.

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Wolf’s Mate. Sure, the title sounds like a paranormal romance, but I will say this one has plenty of suspense and violence to possibly interest even an urban fantasy fan a bit. This was my first read by Celia Kyle and I can safely say that I would be interested in reading other books by her.

Abby is a cougar shifter that is working as an accountant for a large company. When she starts seeing big discrepancies in the books and the boss acts like it’s nothing, she is determined to find out what’s going on. Unbeknownst to her, a team of rogue shifters are staking out the company she works for, and since she works by herself(mostly)at night, she is one of the ones that is interesting to them-in particular wolf shifter, Declan. He can’t bring himself to leave his post across the street from her office window. His wolf, it seems, is in lust or something like it. On the night that Abby stumbles onto the truth that the company she works for is helping to fund a major anti-shifter group, she doesn’t realize she has triggered an alarm, but Declan and his group does. The anti-shifter group is the reason the rogues have been hired. They are supposed to find out if Abby’s company is the one that is funding them. And the action starts about at this point. And the violence.

I enjoyed main characters Abby and Declan, even if at times I wanted to throttle one of them for their actions. You know very early on that they are going to fall for each other, so it’s just a matter of getting them there. The group that Declan works with is filled with misfits and men that are incapable(mostly)of obeying the law. Some have attitudes, and one can’t stay away from junk food. Sometimes when there is a group involved it’s hard to distinguish one member from another, not so with this book. Each man has his own quirks, specialties, and different type of animal, and I knew immediately that I wanted to read the future books about them. The head of the agency they work for is a king cobra shifter and when he gets upset, he hisses and his skin starts to look like a snake. Needless to say, he didn’t come off as a good guy in my thinking. Kyle’s world building also included the shifter partially shifting at times, for example, claws or teeth forming, or even fur on parts of the body-usually under stressful conditions. I thought that was well done and pretty different. There’s some angst on Abby’s part and questioning if her cougar really wants a mate-since cougars don’t mate like wolves do, but then true love and all that doesn’t always run smoothly. I also liked how the man and his or her animal are separate within the shifter and the animal can come to the forefront of the mind at times. Really good world building.

Yes, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of shifter books out there and I have read more than my share. Some are really good, and some are really not so great. I think this book, and hopefully series, stands out for me as one of the better ones and I will definitely be on board for reading the next in the series. Recommended to adult paranormal romance readers-adult due to some steamy scenes and violence.

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  1. That title sure screams paranormal romance, but good to know it also has some suspense. The plot of this one sounds quite interesting with the anti-shifter group and the rogue shifters. Nice to hear all the characters are easy to keep separate and there are different type of animal shifters as well :). Great review!
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