Review: Duncan by D.B. Reynolds (@Mollykatie112, @DBReynoldsWrite)

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Review: Duncan by D.B. Reynolds (@Mollykatie112, @DBReynoldsWrite)
Duncan by D.B. Reynolds
Series: Vampires in America #5
Published by ImaJinn Books Inc.
Published on: November 9, 2011
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 264
Format: eBook
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Washington, D.C.—capital of an empire. Powerful. Exhilarating. Corrupt. And in the shadows . . . vampires far older than the nation itself.

A power unto himself, Duncan has served at Raphael’s side for a hundred and fifty years. But long-laid plans have finally borne fruit, and the time has come for Duncan to leave Raphael and tackle the greatest challenge of his life. He will face treacherous vampires and murderous humans. He will rock the halls of human power if necessary, but Washington, D.C. will be his.

Emma Duquet cares nothing for vampire politics. She just wants to find her missing roommate and best friend, Lacey. But Lacey has been playing with vampires of a particularly dangerous kind, and Emma will have to deal with the new vampire in town if she’s going to find her friend.

Battling powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, Duncan and Emma will dig beneath the corruption and depravity that is Washington, D.C. and uncover the most heinous conspiracy of all . . .

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Fifth in D.B. Reynolds exciting Vampire’s in America series, Duncan is a book most (if not all) of us that read this series have been waiting for. Yes, the books usually feature (but not always prominently) vampire master Raphael and his human mate, Cynthia, but Duncan has been right beside him in most of the books. He’s Raphael’s second in command of a huge territory of America. So it was time for Duncan to shine, and he did!

It’s time for the vampire master of Washington D.C. to be uprooted and done away with. Victor is corrupt and is no longer fit to be the master of anything, much less the part of America with so many powerful people inhabiting it. He probably never really was fit for the job, truth be told. Raphael has been grooming Duncan for the job for over fifty years-which is not long when you are immortal. Not just anyone can take over, the vampire must be a more powerful master vampire than Victor. Of course, Duncan more than fits the bill. Emma is a lawyer that works for a senator in Washington. Her housemate and closest friend, Lacey, didn’t come home after going away for a weekend party. The party was given at one of Victor’s homes not far from D.C. Emma comes to Victor’s home to try and find Lacey shortly after Duncan takes over. And that begins this story of just how corrupt Victor had been, and how equally depraved. Duncan has quite the mess to clean up.

Duncan is the debonair, impeccably dressed vampire at all times-even when he wears jeans, he still conveys that he’s a leader. He’s fiercely loyal to those he loves, Raphael and Cynthia being his closest friends. He also is sire to a few vampires that he is equally caring about. But he’s been alone for a very long time after losing his human family. When he meets Emma on her quest to find Lacey, he is attracted to her immediately. Of course, he agrees to help her. Emma is determined, attractive, and kindhearted. Lacey is her only family although they aren’t really related, having met in foster care. She doesn’t let it bother her (much) that she has to enter the vampire stronghold in order to find Lacey. It’s scary sure, but losing Lacey is scarier. She never expected to be attracted to a vampire, in fact, she had always been on Lacey to stay away from vampires.

What follows is both partially urban fantasy and partially paranormal romance. All of this author’s books feature a couple, even if it’s another Raphael and Cynthia book. I can’t just say this is is PNR, as the action, violence, mystery, and supernatural characters-both good and bad-are a major part of the story. On the other hand, the love story between Duncan and Emma is also an important part of the plot. I was really happy to see Duncan get his happily ever after finally. I did have a bit of a problem when Duncan would allow Emma to go on some very scary side trips in their quest to find Lacey. I know it furthered the story, but sometimes I really wondered at how much danger he put her in. But then I guess the story would have suffered, so there’s that.

I highly recommend this book and series to adult UF and PNR readers. I guess this could standalone, but if I was just starting these, I would start with book one, Raphael. Not only is it Raphael and Cynthia’s story, but it also introduces Duncan. I have already bought the next books, or in some cases, audios. This is one series I plan on reading to the end. Fascinating reads, all of them.

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  1. I read the first two books in this series and I really wanted to like it but I just didn’t. I didn’t like Raphael’s character at all. The mood of the first book was so dark and bloody that I almost didn’t read the 2nd book but I did hoping that it would be better. I just left the series after that because these guys were too over the top for me. I’m glad you liked this book but I doubt I’ll revisit this series.
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